With modular sensor packages and attachment areas, the Skydio X10 swiftly adapts to changing mission requirements.

Four USB-C ports, three on the top and one on the bottom, are used to connect a variety of attachments for a maximum payload of 12 oz.

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Skydio X10 Attachments Coming Soon!

Skydio X10 is equipped with six high-resolution navigation cameras with 360° perception. The NightSense attachment will light the way for the X10 navigation cameras, unlocking their perception even in total darkness. This provides unrivaled situational awareness, night and day.

Available for either visible light or infrared navigation cameras. The visible light navigation cameras option is ideal for organizations that mostly fly during the day and have some night work needs. For organizations that prioritize night work, IR-sensitive nav cams allow X10 to be flown more discreetly.



Illuminate dark environments with this high-powered spotlight attachment.

Pivot the spotlight up to 180 degrees on either side of the drone for precision directional lighting.

One spotlight generates 5 lux of light for ample visibility.



Enables Skydio X10 pilots to speak into their X10 Controller microphone and broadcast messages over the drone's integrated speaker. When landed, X10 can provide two-way communication.

This lightweight attachment is easily installed on the X10 airframe and controlled through the X10 Controller. Rugged weatherproof speakers provide reliable performance in tough conditions.

Speaker and Microphone


Enables X10 to achieve centimeter-level positional accuracy by receiving correction data from an RTK base station. This significantly enhances navigation and precision landing capabilities.

With more precise positional data, X10 can execute autonomous flight plans more accurately and safely, even when GPS signal is poor. Applications include surveying, mapping, and inspection.

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This parachute recovery and termination system mitigates risk and downtime for X10 operators needing to meet safety requirements. Every feature is designed for ease of use.

Manufactured by AVSS, the PRS-X10 is equipped with internal sensors continuously monitoring flight conditions in real-time, autonomously deploying a parachute when failure is detected. With backup manual deployment and audible alerts, it meets civil aviation safety requirements.




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