You can export your flight logs to a memory drive so our support team can troubleshoot any issues or questions you may have. Skydio will never review your videos or data without your permission. Do not reformat or factory reset your Skydio drone prior to contacting our support team.

[warning text="If the drone body or the cameras have been damaged in any way, please do not attempt to fly until Customer Support has investigated the logs and determined a resolution."]

[warning]Powering off the drone immediately after a landing or a crash will result in missing data in the flight logs. Always allow your drone to complete post-flight operations before powering off. Removing, swapping, or altering file names on the media card will impact the availability of the flight logs.[/warning]

Quick Steps

To export flight logs:

Step 1 - Power on your drone and Enterprise Controller

  • Ensure your Enterprise Controller is fully charged, as you cannot export and charge your Controller simultaneously. 

Step 2 - Select the INFO menu

Step 3 - Select Skydio Support Logs 


Step 4 - Insert a USB-C memory drive into the controller

Step 5 - Select Export to drive

Step 6 - Navigate to the memory drive folder where you want to save exported flight logs


Step 7 - Select between exporting a Single Flight or All Controller Logs:


Send Single Log - Includes all logs from a specified flight. This option will show you the history of all flights, organized by date and time. Select which individual flight you wish to upload.

    • If you export a Single Flight, the system will first download the flight data directly from X2D to the Controller. This step may take a few minutes.
    • The logs will automatically export to the inserted USB-C memory drive.
    • You will be alerted if the logs fail to load.


Send All Logs - Export all of the flight logs saved on the controller.  CS_X2_INFO_Support_Logs_3_UI.jpg
After selecting the type of flight logs you wish to export, a screen will display the export status. Once complete, your logs will be listed on the memory drive and organized in folders that match the flight IDs. 

You may also save your flight history as a CSV file:

Save flight information to a flight_log.csv file in the root folder of the media SD card containing the following flight data:

    • Vehicle name
    • Flight ID
    • Launch latitude/longitude and time
    • Land latitude/longitude and time

Step 1 - Select the INFO menu

Step 2 - Select your device


Step 3 - Select Flight History File

Step 4 - Select Store Flight History

    • the flight history log will be stored on the SD logs memory card and available for download as a CSV file.

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