Here’s a quick video on how to replace the R1 propellers:

Here are the replacement steps as outlined in the video:

  1. Remove propeller nuts. Two nuts are threaded clockwise, and two threaded counterclockwise. The tightening direction is indicated via the word "TIGHTEN" and an arrow on top of the nut. Loosen and remove by twisting in the direction opposite the arrow with your hand.
    Grey ring = turn clockwise to loosen. No ring = turn counterclockwise to loosen.
  2. Remove and replace propellers. Each set of extra propellers contains two clockwise and two counterclockwise propellers (extra sets are available at our store). The counterclockwise propellers have a gray ring and fit only on the front-right and rear-left motors (which have matching gray lines). The clockwise propellers fit on the front-left and rear-right motors.
    Place the propeller onto the motor and rotate slowly until the propeller drops into place.
    Tip: if you spin the rotors, they should seat properly (check out the above video for a demonstration).
    Ensure the propellers are seated and flat against the motor top.
  3. Install propeller nuts. The two nuts threaded counterclockwise have a gray ring which matches the gray ring on the counterclockwise propellers. These nuts should be installed in the front-right and rear-left positions and tightened by twisting counterclockwise. The nuts threaded clockwise should be installed in front-left and rear-right positions and tightened by twisting clockwise.
    Ensure that all four nuts are snug by firmly twisting each in the tightening direction.
    When tightening, by way of example, use as much pressure as you would tightening the cap on a bottle of water - not overly tight, but enough to feel snug and secure.

Note that the replacement propeller sets do not come with extra propeller nuts, so be sure to hold on to your original propeller nuts that came with your R1.

If you have any questions or need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact us! Also, be sure to check out our related articles for more information.


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