Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to hand land your R1:

Hand landing can be dangerous, so please be sure to watch the entire video (with audio on) before attempting it. We don't recommend that you try hand landing the first time that you fly R1 because you'll want to be familiar with the product before you attempt it.

Before hand landing, first make sure that you have safe landing conditions, including low winds. Ensure that R1 is hovering stationery within a few feet of you and is no longer following a subject. Position R1 so that it's over clear ground and you have ample space to move and catch it.

Once you initiate the landing, R1 will descend straight down unless you cancel the landing on your phone. Note that R1 does not avoid obstacles when landing. Just swipe down in the app to initiate the landing process as you would normally.

When hand landing R1: 

  • Catch R1 from the rear of the vehicle. This is the side with the battery and the circular LED lights.
  • It's best to let R1 touch down on your flattened palm, as if your palm was a landing pad.
  • Keep your fingers close together and away from the props.
  • Allow the rotors to just begin spinning down before gripping the battery with your thumb.
  • Do not move the vehicle once it's entered your grip. Holding the R1 level and still will signal the motors to spin down.

If you don't keep R1 level and still when landing it on your hand, the motors may spin back up again. If this happens, make sure you're keeping the vehicle flat and motionless for the motors to spin down.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable before the motors spin down, just let go of R1 and it will resume a normal ground landing.

Do not attempt hand landing if:

  • There are high winds present.
  • R1 is not stable in flight for any reason.
  • R1 is emergency landing after an accident or crash.
  • You are in an area where you do not have stable footing.
  • You are on a moving vehicle.

Be sure to check out our safety guidelines or related articles for additional tips.

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