Skydio batteries charge directly through the drone’s USB-C port. To charge:

  • Attach a battery to the Skydio 2/2+, then use the included power adapter and USB-C cable to power the Skydio 2/2+ via the USB-C port.
  • When attached to power, the LED light on the battery will begin to flash at its current charge level. The LEDs on your Skydio 2/2+ indicator lights will not be lit during this charging period.
  • When the battery is fully charged, its LED lights will stay solid for one minute and then turn off. You can check the charge status of the battery by pressing the battery button once. A fully charged battery will be indicated by a solid blue bar.
  • Charging time from a fully discharged state is roughly 1 hour.
  • Skydio 2/2+ has an average flight time of 23 minutes on a single fully charged battery.

Charging batteries through the Skydio 2/2+ Dual Charger

Skydio also offers a dual-battery charging dock (the Skydio 2/2+ Dual Charger) that is capable of simultaneously charging two Skydio 2/2+ batteries. It works with the 65W power adapter included with your Skydio 2/2+, or can work with USB-C power adapters up to 100W (commonly included with laptops or other electronics).

  • When used with the Skydio 2/2+ 65W USB-C wall adapter, a single battery can be fully charged in approximately 60 minutes and two batteries can be fully charged in approximately two hours.
  • When using USB-C wall adapters greater than 65W, both batteries will charge in parallel.
  • A 90W adapter will fully charge two batteries in approximately 90 minutes.
  • Using a non-Skydio USB-C wall adapter less than 65W may increase charging times.
  • Check out our store or read Updating your Skydio Dual Charger for more details.
CS_Note_callout-icon.jpg Remove the red plastic gimbal clip before charging.


  • If the battery is above 60% state of charge, after 14 days of idle time (no flights) it will start to self-discharge down to approx. 60%. This self-discharge helps retain capacity over the life of the battery and may take several days to complete. Charge your battery as you would normally to exit this idle state.
  • While charging, your drone should be in an open area as it is normal for the magnesium chassis to become warm to the touch.

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