Skydio Media Sync offers seamless transfer and management of images, videos, and 3D Scans uploaded to Skydio Cloud. Media can be stored, searched, and shared across your organization, either from the dashboard or directly from Skydio API integration. You will need to configure your Skydio Cloud account before using Media Sync. See Getting Started with Skydio Cloud. Skydio Media Sync transfer speeds have increased to 60 Mbps over WiFi and up to 500 Mbps (megabits/sec)* or more over Ethernet.

    • Automatically upload media directly from Skydio vehicles
    • View and replay video overlayed with the flight path for any flight
    • Search for media by date, pilot, and vehicle
    • Share links to media across your organization
    • Access the Edge Model Viewer to review 3D Scans*
    • Build integrated REST-based API endpoints for accessing images and video

To purchase Skydio Cloud Media Sync and Skydio 3D Scan, contact your Skydio Sales Representative

Quick Steps

Log in

    • enter your email address
    • enter the verification code sent to your email address

Add a wireless network

Before you can sync your media to Skydio Cloud, you must connect to a local wireless network. Visit How to Add a Wireless Network for more information.

Choose media to upload to Skydio Cloud

Step 1 - Select Skydio Cloud Settings

Step 2 - Select Media Upload


Step 3 - Select the type of media that is automatically uploaded

    • images
    • audio & video
    • 3D Scan

Step 4 - Select your preference After Upload

    • toggle on - delete media files on the memory card after the upload is complete
    • toggle off - media files will not be deleted from the memory card after the upload is complete

[caution text="Skydio X2 and Skydio 2+ must be connected to a 5 GHz network to sync media, (U-NII-1 and U-NII-3 bands). Disable the UNII-2 bands, Skydio drones do not support 5 GHz wifi networks on U-NII-2 per the United States Federal Communications Commission regulations."]

For more information visit: Cisco 5GHz WiFi Network Channel Documentation.

Initiate sync from your vehicle to Skydio Cloud

Step 1 - Attach the battery to the vehicle

Step 2 - Power on the vehicle
Step 3 - Sign in to the Skydio Enterprise app or Enterprise Controller using your Skydio Cloud organization registered user name and password. 
Step 4 - Ensure the mobile device and/or controller is connected to a wireless network

Step 5 - Sync your Skydio Cloud features

    • Select INFO
    • Select your drone
    • Select Cloud Settings
  1. Select Download features from Cloud to sync from Skydio Cloud to your controlling device.
  2. Select Sync Settings to Drone to sync Skydio Cloud settings from your controlling device to your drone.

Step 6 - Connect to the vehicle

    • The mobile application will send network credentials when connected.  At this point, the drone will be able to connect to the Skydio Cloud using the configured networks.  This process only needs to be done once per drone. 

Step 7 - Plug in the USB-C cable to power

    • Media Sync to Skydio Cloud is triggered when the vehicle is connected to power




Media Sync is triggered

Blue lights will change to green
(this will happen once, then the lights will stay green)


Searching for a wireless network and connecting to Skydio Cloud (this should take 2-30 seconds)

Green light (breathing pattern)


 Connected to a wireless network

Green light (solid)


 Media is uploading

Green light (chasing pattern)


Media sync complete

Green light (solid)



The dashboard Fleet menu will display a progress bar Media_sync_upload_display.png
The vehicle status will change to Online when the upload is complete Media_sync_online.png

Select the online vehicle to display flight history

    • flight telemetry
    • low-resolution video

[note text="Audio recordings are not guaranteed to be present in the video files when Media Sync occurs. We are actively looking to improve this in the future."]

Manage Media

Select the Media menu to view all uploaded media. Organize and search media by:

    • date
    • vehicle
    • pilot

Select an image to expand the view. Select the info icon in the top right corner of the screen to display metadata properties:

    • type
    • date 
    • time
    • latitude/longitude
    • pilot
    • vehicle
    • location

Select individual or multiple images to download

    • mouse over, and a selection box will appear
    • select the images(s) for download
    • the download option will appear along the top of the screen
    • a message will alert you that your download package is being prepared
    • multiple images will be compressed for download

Media Sync Error Indicator

When initiating a Media Sync a yellow flashing light indicates an unsuccessful connection to saved network in Skydio Cloud. An error message will display on your controlling device to help with troubleshooting an unsuccessful connection.

    • No Network Found: an issue occurred while connecting to your network
    • Authentication Failure: an issue occurred while signing in to your network
    • Connection Timed Out: your drone was unable to connect to Skydio Cloud

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