Skydio Media Sync offers seamless transfer and management of updates, images, videos, and 3D Scans uploaded to Skydio Cloud. Media can be stored, searched, and shared across your organization from the dashboard or Skydio API integration. 

To purchase Skydio Cloud Media Sync and Skydio 3D Scan, contact your Skydio Sales Representative

Quick Steps

  1. Set up your Skydio Cloud organization
  2. Sync your drone to Skydio Cloud
  3. Perform a Media Sync over WiFi
  4. Perform a Media Sync over Ethernet

Set up Media Sync in Skydio Cloud

Step 1 - Log into

Step 2 (optional) - Add a wireless network for Media Sync over WiFi

Before you can sync your media using a WiFi network to Skydio Cloud, you must connect to a local wireless network. Visit How to Add a Wireless Network for more information.


Step 3 - Select Skydio Cloud Settings and Media Upload


Step 4 - Select the type of media that is automatically uploaded

    • images
    • audio & video
    • 3D Scan

Step 5 - Select your preference after Upload

    • toggle on - delete media files on the memory card after the upload is complete
    • toggle off - media files will not be deleted from the memory card after the upload is complete

Initiate sync from your vehicle to Skydio Cloud

Step 1 - Power on your Skydio drone
Step 2 - Sign in to the Skydio Enterprise app or Enterprise Controller using your Skydio Cloud organization registered username and password. 

Step 3 - Sync your Skydio Cloud features and networks


Perform a Media Sync using WiFi or Ethernet

To sync your media over WiFi

Step 1 - Connect the USB-C cable to the drone and plug it into a power source

Media Sync to Skydio Cloud is triggered when the vehicle is connected to power and within range of a compatible* wireless network or hotspot that has been added to your Skydio Cloud organization.

When Media Sync is triggered - Blue lights will change to:

    • Breathing green light  - searching for a network and connecting to Skydio Cloud should take about 2-30 seconds
    • Solid green light - Connected to a network
    • Chasing green light - media is uploading




[note]*Dual-band vehicles are compatible with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. 5GHz vehicles are only compatible with 5GHz networks. For 5GHz networks, the UNII-2 channel is not compatible. WPA Enterprise networks are not supported.[/note]

Example *upload times:


The dashboard Fleet menu will display a progress bar Media_sync_upload_display.png

When initiating a Media Sync over WiFi, a yellow flashing light indicates an unsuccessful connection to a saved network in Skydio Cloud. An error message will display on your controlling device to help troubleshoot an unsuccessful connection.

    • No Network Found: an issue occurred while connecting to your network
    • Authentication Failure: an issue occurred while signing in to your network
    • Connection Timed Out: your drone was unable to connect to Skydio Cloud

To sync your media over Ethernet

Step 1 - Connect your Ethernet cable to the drone using a supported USB-C to Ethernet adapter or Ethernet to USB-A adapter with an additional USB-C hub. 

    • you may need to remove a wireless network added to your Skydio Cloud account to avoid syncing your media over WiFi.

Supported Ethernet Adapters

The supported Ethernet table lists known and tested adapters, other adapters may work. 


Not supported - UtechSmart USB Type-C Hub Pro (Model: UCN3273)

Step 2 - Power on your drone

  • Media Sync will begin automatically 
  • the dashboard Fleet menu will display a progress bar and the drone's status will change to Uploaded when complete

Example *upload times:


[info]*Megabits per second (Mbps) is the standard unit of measure for network speed but is different than the standard unit of measure for file size, which is megabytes (MB). To calculate your expected speed in megabytes per second (MB/s), you can divide your Mbps speed by 8. E.g., 80 Mbps = 10 MB/s (megabytes/sec). To calculate expected upload times for a given file, you can divide the file’s size in MB by your network speed in MB/s. Your overall network performance and several other factors, including network congestion and data throttling, limit media Sync performance. Performance over WiFi is further impacted by router strength, distance to the router, wireless noise, and other wireless factors.[/info] 


[note text="Audio recordings are not guaranteed to be present in the video files when Media Sync occurs. We are actively looking to improve this in the future."]

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