Yes, Skydio 2/2+ can take still photos as well as video when in the air. The specs for Skydio 2/2+'s photo capabilities are:

  • PHOTO RESOLUTION: Up to 4056x3040 (12 MP)
  • PHOTO MODES: Single, Interval
  • DYNAMIC RANGE: 13 stops

In addition to the dedicated still photo mode, Skydio 2/2+ can also save screenshots directly from the video preview. To access and change your media recording settings, follow the steps below: 

  1. Connect to your Skydio 2/2+ via WiFi.
  2. Next, in the Skydio 2 app, tap the camera icon in the top right corner of the screen. Here you’ll have access to all of the recording modes, including 4k, 1080p, and still photo modes. 

[note text="While you can preview your flights within the Skydio 2 app when disconnected from your Skydio 2/2+, you must connect to your Skydio 2/2+ via WiFi to create stills or clips from previously recorded video."]

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