The Height Floor can have a significant impact on the tracking performance of your Skydio. As such, it is important for all pilots to understand how this setting works as well as how and when it is safe to disable it. The Height Floor setting may be accessed both pre- and in-flight through the Drone tab in the Device Settings menu.



The Height Floor setting is enabled by default on all Skydio 2/2+ drones. While this setting is enabled, Skydio will attempt to remain at least 8 ft (2.4 m) above the tracked subject while in any autonomous follow skill. This helps create a buffer of space between the drone and any moving objects, such as people, pets or vehicles.

While enabled, the Height Floor setting may affect your flight in a number of ways:

  • While following a subject, Skydio may become “trapped” by obstacles and unable to continue following due to the height restriction, even though the space underneath the drone is clear.
  • You will be prevented from lowering Skydio below the 8 ft height floor any time a subject is being tracked, such as when using the on-screen controls to set the desired follow height or using the Beacon’s Wand feature.
CS_Note_callout-icon.jpg It is important to note that the Height Floor setting only applies while a subject is being tracked. If Skydio 2/2+ is in manual flight mode with no subject selected, you always have full control over the vehicle’s height.

Disabling the Height Floor

Disabling the Height Floor setting may increase tracking performance by allowing Skydio 2/2+ to fly under low-lying obstacles, such as tree branches and overhangs, to maintain a visual line of sight. It also allows users to set the preferred follow height low to the ground, capturing high-energy shots from a unique ground-hugging perspective.

As stated in the Safety and Operating Guide, Skydio 2/2+ only avoids obstacles that are not in motion. Cars, balls, animals, other drones, other people, or similar moving objects will not be avoided if they’re moving faster than walking speed.

The combination of low elevation flight and high-speed tracking presents an increased risk of collision with moving objects. Skydio, Inc. strongly recommends users only disable the Height Floor setting when operating in wide open, outdoor spaces with no other people, animals, or other moving objects nearby. Pilots maintain full responsibility for the safe operation of their Skydio 2/2+ drone at all times during the flight.

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