With your Skydio 2/2+ purchase, you'll also receive:

  • One Skydio 2/2+ battery
  • A set of extra propellers
  • A USB-C to C data and charging cable
  • A USB-C Power Adapter
  • A microfiber cleaning cloth
  • A gimbal retaining clip (for transport)

This all comes in a convenient, custom-fit, durable hardshell carrying case for transport. The case has a detachable shoulder strap so you can easily carry all you need to fly like a pro with Skydio. Inside the case, you'll find an additional slot for an extra Skydio 2/2+ battery.

Does the Starter Kit come with an SD card?

No, the Starter Kit doesn't include a microSD card, which is required for operation of the Skydio 2/2+. We do sell SanDisk microSD cards on our store, and they are also included with any of the Upgrade Kit options available.

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