For Skydio 2, we’ve completely redesigned the propeller system to make changing damaged propellers quick and easy.

Download the Skydio 2 Propeller Quick Start Guide

If you look at the very center of the propellers, where they attach to the motors, you’ll notice 2 very distinct colors: grey and blue. These colors correspond to the motors on your Skydio 2 so that you’ll be able to identify which propeller goes with which motor.

To remove damaged propellers you’ll start by immobilizing the motor with one hand, then pressing down and rotating the propeller to disengage.

  • Propellers with blue coloring rotate clockwise, while propellers with grey rotate counterclockwise.

Once rotated, you’ll release the pressure and the motor’s spring will push the propeller up so that you can gently pull it off.

When attaching a new propeller first make sure that you have the correct colored propeller for the associated motor (blue with blue, grey with grey). The propeller can only be attached the correct way, so it won’t be possible to install incorrectly. One side of the propeller has the coloration much closer to the center hole than the other side, this side should be facing the Skydio 2.

Place the propeller onto the peg sticking out of the motor, press down, and rotate until the propeller is in place, then release. Your new prop is now installed!

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