If your Skydio 2/2+ has very little space left on its SD card, or if you've just bought a new card, you may wish to follow these steps to troubleshoot or clear up space:

To delete all flights and media files (reformat the "Media" SD card)

If you’d like to permanently erase all content at once from your Skydio 2/2+:

1. Connect to your drone via WiFi, then open the Skydio app and tap on the INFO tab.

2. Select your drone from the Devices list, then select Manage Data.

3. You’ll see a few options, select Format Media Card. Disregard the other options.

  • Note that this option permanently deletes all flight videos, photos, and media files from both your drone and Skydio app.
  • All Skydio 2/2+ microSD cards are formatted as ExFAT. Other card formats are not supported. Reformatting a card using these steps will replace any other file system format with ExFAT.

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