Your Skydio Dual Charger is capable of receiving periodic software (firmware) updates, just like the other Skydio accessories. The latest software update to the Dual Charger allows it to pass power through to the second USB-C port. This allows you to plug in and charge small accessories like the Beacon, Controller, or even your phone. Note that multiple Dual Chargers cannot be chained together at this time.

Additionally, you can use Skydio batteries to act as a power bank! If you connect one or two batteries to the Dual Charger and then plug in a USB accessory, that accessory can be charged via the Skydio batteries. A few notes on using the Dual Charger as a power bank:

  • Some devices (like USB-C phones) will automatically turn the Dual Charger on and begin drawing power. For devices that don’t automatically activate the Dual Charger when in "power bank mode" (like Beacon and Controller), you’ll need to hold the battery button for a few seconds to turn the Dual Charger on.
  • You can plug different accessories into each USB-C port on the Dual Charger to charge both at the same time.
  • If you have two batteries installed on the Dual Charger while in "power bank mode", it will draw power from the battery with the least amount of charge first, then seamlessly switch to the second battery.


To update the Dual Charger to the latest software:

  1. Download the latest updates to the Skydio app.
  2. Update your Skydio drone to the latest firmware.
  3. Place a battery in Skydio and power it on.
  4. Place a second battery in the Dual Charger*.
  5. Plug the Dual Charger into the drone using a USB-C to USB-C cable.
  6. The LEDs on the battery attached to the Dual Charger will blink green to indicate the update is in progress.**
  7. When the LEDs on the battery turn solid green, the update has finished. This typically takes 3-5 minutes.


*If you do not have a 2nd battery to place in the Dual Charger the update will still occur, but there will be no visual indication. Simply wait 5 minutes for the update to complete before unplugging the Dual Charger.

**If you are not seeing the green LED confirmation on the battery placed in the Dual Charger, chances are that your battery firmware itself is not up to date. You can use any non-updated Skydio batteries with your Skydio 2/2+ as you would normally, which will allow them to update in the background. There is no visual indicator that the battery firmware is updating, so to update the battery firmware, it's easiest to simply take your Skydio 2/2+ for a quick flight!

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