[info] This is a specialized product that is available for select customers only and not for general use. [/info]

People and objects moving through the environment may accidentally collide with the drone even with obstacle avoidance engaged. Propeller Guards will reduce the risk of injury if a person comes into contact with a Skydio 2/2+ while in flight.  

The Skydio Safety and Operating Guide provides details for safe operation and regulatory information. Please read all of the safety information before your first flight. Failure to follow these safety guidelines and instructions could result in injury or damage to you, your Skydio product, other persons, or property or void warranty coverage. Visit www.Skydio.com/safety for more information.


    • Prop guards (4)
    • T6 screws (2 +2 spares)
    • Alcohol wipes (4)
    • T6 driver (1)
    • Adhesive tabs (4 spares)




Molded markings and arrows identify the proper placement of the prop guard as oriented from the top of the drone:

    • FL - Front Left
    • FR - Front Right
    • RR - Rear Right
    • RL - Rear Left

Quick Steps


Step 1 - Remove the battery
Step 2 - Remove all four propellers for detailed instructions visit: How to remove Skydio 2/2+ propellers

    • hold the motor with one hand
    • push down and twist to release the propellers
    • set propellers to the side

Step 3 - Wipe the drone’s arms where the prop guard adhesive comes into contact

    • ensure that the adhesive contact points are clean, dry, and free of dust and debris

Step 4 - Set the drone bottom side up with the camera facing away from you on a clean surface

    • remove the battery

Step 5 - Identify the front prop guards FR & FL

    • the arrow points toward the front camera


Step 6 - Slide the prop guard over the motor and onto the arm at an angle

    • ensure that the connection tab is snug against the tip of the arm
    • remove the blue adhesive cover from the prop guard

Step 7 - Press the prop guard down

    • so that the adhesive comes into contact against the arm

Step 8 - Hold firmly for 60 seconds

Step 9 - Install the other front prop guard repeating steps 6 through 8

Step 10 - flip the drone over so that the right side is facing up with the camera facing away from you

Step 11 - Identify the rear prop guards

    • RR & RL
    • arrow points toward the front camera

Step 12 - Install the other rear prop guards repeating steps 6 through 8

After all four prop guards have been secured to the drone’s arms

Step 13 - Attach the left and right interior corners of the prop guards

    • insert the prop guard screw and
      hand-tighten the screw using the T6 driver

Step 14 - Reattach the propeller blades

    • hold the motor with one hand
    • slide the propeller blades into the notch
    • push down and twist

[warning] Allow the adhesive to set for 36 hours before flying [/warning]

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