Skydio Enterprise Controller enables access to advanced autonomy systems allowing operation of X2 with minimal cognitive effort. The controller is activated using your email address.

Quick Steps

To activate Skydio Enterprise Controller:

Step 1 - Power on the controller


Step 2 - Read and accept Skydio purchase terms purchase_terms.jpg
Step 3 - Connect to the Internet  
Step 4 - Enter your email address for verification activate_controller.jpg
Step 5 - Retrieve the activation code from your email


Step 6 - Enter the code and select Next


Step 7 - Set a password for the controller (optional)
    • to unlock the controller when powering on
    • to wake the controller from a sleep state


Activation complete -

    • a message will display prompting you to pair the controller with X2


[warning text="This password CANNOT be recovered or reset if forgotten. Ensure that it is written down and stored in a safe location. If the password is lost, the controller will no longer be usable and will need to be replaced!"]

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