The Skydio Enterprise Controller is compatible with both Skydio 2/2+ Enterprise and Skydio X2. You have the ability to program the L2 and R2 buttons located on the back of the Enterprise Controller, as well as the Left and Right Wheels.

  1. Left joystick
  2. Right joystick
  3. Menu/back button
  4. Directional pad - future update
  5. C1 Button - toggle Obstacle Avoidance (Skydio Autonomy Enterprise)
  6. C2 Button - toggle Lights
  7. Return to Home (RTH) button
  8. Power button
  9. Launch/Land button
  10. Pause button
  11. Controller clamshell embedded antennas
  12. User interface screen
  13. R1 button - shutter/record
  14. Right Wheel - zoom
  15. L1 button - boost
  16. Left Wheel - gimbal tilt
  17. R2 button - toggle map,
  18. L2 button - color camera
  19. Reset button
  20. USB-C port
  21. Cooling fan
  22. Neck strap/tripod (ΒΌ-20 mount)

Controls Overview

Touch Gestures

  • Drag vertically to increase or decrease gimbal pitch
  • Drag horizontally to adjust yaw
  • Pinch and drag your fingers away from each other to digitally zoom in up to 16x
  • Pinch and drag your fingers toward each other to zoom out back to 1x, then out to Superzoom
  • Double-tap anywhere on the fly screen to select a location and X2 will fly to that location


Directional pad (D-pad) Controls

  • Push up, down, left, or right to navigate through menus and setting screens
  • Press in to select
  • To adjust a slider setting, scroll until the slider is highlighted and press down to select
    • The slider will turn blue to indicate it is active
    • Push left or right to adjust slider values, and press down to confirm


[note] Directional pad functionality is not yet compatible with Skydio 3D Scan. [/note]

Customizable Buttons

Step 1 - Select the Controller menu tab

Located under Device settings


Step 2 - Select Button Mapping


Step 3 - Select L2 or R2 to customize


L2 and R2 button options

  • Toggle Map
  • Toggle Camera
  • Close Obstacle Avoidance
  • Minimal Obstacle Avoidance
  • Disabled Obstacle Avoidance
  • No Function



Left Wheel customization options

  • Gimbal control
  • No function

Right Wheel customization options

  • Digital Zoom
  • Physical Zoom
  • Exposure Compensation
  • No Function 

[note] Customized settings persist across flights and power cycles. [/note]

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