Skydio Enterprise Controller enables access to advanced autonomy systems allowing the operation of Skydio X2E with minimal cognitive effort. Charge the Skydio Enterprise Controller pre-flight or while X2E is flying.

Quick Steps

To charge your Enterprise Controller:

Step 1 - Connect your Skydio Enterprise Controller using the USB-C charging cable and power adaptor

Step 2 - Plug the adaptor into a 100-240 V power source  

Step 3 - Flashing lights indicate charging

    • the controller will power on
    • the controller screen will display the charge levels

Step 4 - Lights will stop flashing indicating that the charging is complete

[warning text="Do not fly when the Skydio Enterprise Controller battery is low. If the controller reaches a low battery level while X2E is in flight, pilot to a safe location and land immediately."]

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