Set up alerts in the form of emails and/or webhooks to be notified of your device online status, flight status, and other key events.

[note] This is a Beta feature that is only available for Remote Operations. As you use and test this feature please share your feedback with your Skydio team. [/note]

How to set up your alerts

Step 1 - Navigate to Settings > Alerts and select Add Alert


Step 2 - Name your alert


Step 3 - Select the event for which you would like to be notified



Step 4 - Select the vehicles, Docks, or sites (if enabled for your org) you would like to apply the alert to. You may select multiple or apply the alert to all of the vehicles, docks or sites in your org.


[note] If Apply to entire organization is selected, the alert will automatically apply to new devices added to org. [/note]


Step 5 - Select your preferred notification type


  • Email notification - add users from within your organization. Does not support email addresses that are not part of your org.
  • Webhook - select from your existing webhooks

Types of events

Event Description
Device online status changed A vehicle or dock came online or went offline
Flight status changed A flight started or ended
Mission incomplete A remote operations mission was unsuccessful (e.g. failed launch, failed photo capture, abort low battery, failed post-mission action)
Person detected A person was detected during the flight
Scheduled mission failed to takeoff A scheduled remote operations mission did not launch
Vehicle completed waypoint A vehicle completed all of the remote operations mission actions at a waypoint
Vehicle fails to properly land in dock A drone did not successfully: land in dock, retract into dock, or begin charging

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