The Groups feature in Skydio Cloud allows you to organize your drones and docks, and they data they produce, into Groups. You then have the option to assign access to those Groups to specific users and user roles.

[note] Groups is an early access beta feature available upon request. Please contact your Skydio account manager to try it out and give us your feedback! [/note]

Examples of when you would use the Groups feature:

  • You need to restrict access to sensitive data (telemetry and media) to specific personnel.
  • You are a Remote Pilot that flies vehicles/docks at three different locations, and you only want to see the vehicles and missions for one location at a time.
  • You need to segment and view flight history for different business units.

How to create a new Group

[note] You will see a default, or primary, Group already created that comprises all vehicles and docks in your organization (noted as “Entire Organization”). This Group cannot be deleted and devices cannot be removed. To remove a device from your Entire Organization, you will need to unclaim it under Settings > Devices. [/note]

Step 1 - Create your Group

  • Navigate to Settings > Groups and select Create Group

Step 2 - Name your Group

  • Enter the name of your Group and select Create

Step 3 - Add vehicles and docks to your Group

[tip] Group your vehicles by physical location or business function. [/tip]

  • Select Add Vehicle (under Vehicles) or Add Dock (under Docks). You may add several vehicles or docks at once.

    [note] A vehicle or dock may only belong to one Group at a time. [/note]
  • If a vehicle is linked to a dock, when you add that vehicle or dock to a Group you will also automatically add the corresponding linked device.


How to invite a user to a Group

Step 1 - Navigate to Settings > Users and select Invite User

Step 2 - Enter the email address of the user you wish to add to a Group

  • Even if a user already exists in your organization, you will need to complete this step
  • You may add several users at once

Step 3 - Select the Group and Role for the user

  • Select the Group you wish to add the user to and the corresponding role they should have in that Group
  • The user’s role will determine what permissions they have for that Group
  • Select Add Role if you want the user to have a certain role in one Group and different role in another Group
Role Permissions
Pilot Can fly vehicles but can't access Skydio Cloud
Cloud User Can access Skydio Cloud but can't remotely fly vehicles
Remote Pilot Can access Skydio Cloud and remotely fly vehicles
Organization Admin Full access to the entire organization


How to move devices between Groups

If you attempt to add a vehicle or dock to a Group that already belongs to another Group, you will be notified and given the option to select either Cancel or Move

If you select Move, you will move that device, its linked device (if it has one), and its flight data to the new Group.


Deleting a Group

When you delete a Group, the devices and data aren’t deleted from Skydio Cloud. They are still visible and accessible in the primary Entire Organization Group. Any users who only had access to view that Group will no longer be able to view any vehicle data/information in Skydio Cloud.

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