To initiate a scan, you need to change the Vehicle Mode from Skills to 3D Scan. Your Vehicle Mode will persist through flights and power cycles.

Quick Steps

Step 1 - Power on your drone and Controller  
Step 2 - Select the gray button that says Switch Mode CS_3DS_X2_media_UI_switch-mode1.png

Step 3 - Select 3D Scan and reboot

Skydio will automatically restart and reconnect to the Controller/Enterprise App


Step 4 - Ready to begin scan setup

After Skydio has finished entering the 3D Scan Vehicle Mode, you are ready to fly.

Ensure your Logs Card has been formatted before starting a scan.

Visit the 3D Scan Quick Start Guide for instructions


[note] You must exit 3D Scan to regain access to Flight Skills. To exit, first land the drone and return to the Fly Screen. You also have the ability to change operating modes under Device Settings > Drone > Vehicle Mode. [/note] 

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