Scan passes organize the drone’s capture path into three continuous slices, Z, Y, and X.

The Z slice is completed first and resembles orbits at fixed heights going around the structure. By default, the camera Gimbal angle is set to 15°. Use the Z Gimbal Pitch slider to adjust the camera angle at which the drone will capture photos while orbiting. Increased Gimbal Pitch results in capturing less sky and more photos of the surrounding area and structure itself. CS_3DS_3DCap_UI_scan_slices.png
CS_Info_callout_icon.jpg The camera Gimbal pitch represents the angle below the horizon.

Adjusting the Z Gimbal Pitch is useful in situations where:

  • You want to capture the ground in every photo for improved reconstructions
  • You intend to leverage third party reconstruction software and want to minimize the number of photos containing sky
  • You need to include the ground in your photos to capture Ground Control Points (GCP) at your scan site

If you are using the Z Slice to efficiently capture large, relatively simple vertical surfaces (e.g., facades), we recommend leaving the default Z Gimbal Pitch. If you have only the Z Slice enabled, we recommend adjusting the Z Gimbal Pitch to zero.

The Y and X slices follow and resemble a cross hatch pattern.

We recommend leaving all three slices enabled. You have the option to independently toggle each of the scan slices as needed. If all three slices are disabled, you will be unable to start the scan.


Z Slice


Y Slice


X Slice

CS_Note_callout-icon.jpg Toggle on only the Z scan pass for faster scans around structures that do not need to be viewed from above or below.

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