Skydio 3D Scanᵀᴹ is first-of-its-kind adaptive scanning software seamlessly incorporated into Skydio Autonomyᵀᴹ. 3D Scan automates data capture of any scene with comprehensive coverage and ultra-high resolution, allowing crews to spend less time training pilots and more time performing higher quality inspections.

Skydio adaptively maps the scene and uses intelligent flight planning to build a live 3D model. With an augmented reality (AR) and AI-driven workflow, the drone plans a path to autonomously capture all surfaces using your specified settings. To create high-definition reconstructions, upload the images to a third party photogrammetry provider.

Getting Started

Equipment required for initiating a 3D Scan


  • Skydio 2/2+/X2
  • Skydio 2/2+/X2 Batteries
  • Controller / Skydio Enterprise Controller
  • Android or iOS mobile device with 1 GB available storage
  • UHS Class 3 microSD 128 GB memory card (2)


  • Skydio Enterprise app
  • Skydio Autonomy Enterprise software add-on
  • Skydio 3D Scan™ software add-on

Enable 3D Scan Operating Mode

Step 1- Ensure that both your drone and the controller are fully charged and paired

Step 2 - Install UHS Class 3 microSD memory cards 

    • Media
    • Flight logs

[note]  The SD cards on Skydio X2 come pre-installed. [/note]

Step 3 - Launch the Skydio Enterprise app

Step 4 - Connect to your drone

Step 5 - Check for available updates

Step 6 - Format the media and flight log memory cards

Step 7 - Navigate to the FLY screen and select the button that says Switch Mode. Select 3D Scan

Step 8 - Once in the 3D Scan operating mode, select Begin Flight

    • Note the drone position and orientation on launch 
    • You will need to use the exact launch orientation for multi-Battery scans
    • Launching from the Skydio case is highly recommended

Step 9 - Select one of the capture modes and follow the on-screen workflow to complete your scan

Multi-Battery Scans

Using the vision navigation system, Skydio will resume scans across multiple Battery changes without reliance on GPS. A Battery level at 18-25% charge (3 minutes of flight time) remaining, will initiate a Low Battery procedure and the drone will return to the Launch Point. We recommend doing scans that require no more than 4 batteries.

To change batteries mid-scan:

Step 1 - Land your drone and save the current scan

    • Allow for the completion of post-flight tasks
    • Do not power off until all post-flight tasks are complete. 

Step 2 - Power off your drone and replace the Battery

    • Do not remove the Media Card or the Logs Card between flights of the same scan. Removing either card when replacing a depleted Battery will result in your drone being unable to resume the scan.

Step 3 - Power on your drone and wait as Skydio automatically reconnects

Step 4 - Resume a scan after replacing the Battery

    • The drone must launch from the exact same position and orientation between each flight. Launching from a different location or orientation will result in errors when attempting to resume your scan. We strongly recommend taking off from the Skydio case.

[note] Using the same position and orientation is only required when launching. This is optional when landing. [/note]  [caution] Do not remove or swap the media or logs memory cards between flights during the same scan. [/caution]

Accessing Scan Data 

Step 1 - Retrieve the Media Card from your drone

Step 2 - Insert the media card into a microSD or SD card reader on your computer or device

Step 3 - Locate the card reader in your file manager

Step 4 - Select the scans folder

Step 5 - Locate the scan you wish to reconstruct

    • JPEG image file format
    • Folder titles include the scan name followed by a UTC timestamp. For example: scans/Scan_Name__2021-06-02T19-50-55..135854+00-00

Best Practices

    • Maintain software and firmware updates
    • Avoid flying in direct sunlight for extended periods of time 
    • Use caution when flying in hot or cold temperatures 
    • GPS will be required for scans higher than 65 ft (20 m)
    • You must exit the 3D Scan operating mode to regain access to Flight Skills

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