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Skydio Enterprise Controller software version: 21.0.42
Enterprise Android app version:


Enterprise iOS app version:

21.0.0 (35)

Skydio drone software version: 21.0.53

What's in this release:

Minor fixes and performance improvements


August 31, 2022

Skydio Enterprise Controller software version: 21.0.37
Enterprise Android app version:


Enterprise iOS app version:

21.0.0 (35)

Skydio drone software version: 21.0.53

For more information visit:

Access 3D Scan Software Manuals

[info] For Skydio 2/2+ iOS users, this update will be released gradually over the course of one week. iOS users must have automatic updates enabled, or manually update at any time by visiting the App Store. If you do not see the update in the App Store by September 6, 2022, please contact Skydio Support. [/info]


Save and Repeat 2D GPS Captures

You now have the ability to import or export, save, and repeat a 2D GPS Capture. After completing a scan, check the box that says Save Scan to store the scan settings in your Scan Library.

  • Access in the INFO tab under Maps
  • When your drone is connected and in 3D Scan mode, you can review and repeat the scan
  • Exporting allows you to backup and save a scan as a .misson file on your mobile device, Skydio Enterprise Controller or external flash drive
  • Importing .mission files is also supported



GPS Night Flight with Skydio X2

Performing a 2D GPS Capture is compatible with GPS Night Flight when flying in low-light conditions. When in this mode, Skydio X2 will disable obstacle avoidance and use GPS sensors, instead of its vision system, to navigate.

  • Particularly useful in accident scene reconstruction and public safety use cases
  • If it becomes dark while you are scanning and GPS Night Flight is enabled, you will be able to seamlessly continue your 2D GPS Capture
  • If Night Flight is not enabled and it becomes dark while scanning, Skydio X2 will display an alert message. Simply enable GPS Night Flight to continue scanning

[note] Performing a 2D GPS Capture at night is only available on Skydio X2. [/note] 

2D Upward Capture

Scanning the underside of structures during 2D Captures

Easily capture the underside of a structure by setting the height of the drone below the scan Surface. In doing so, Skydio will automatically move the camera gimbal pitch to look up when it detects the height of the drone is below the specified scan Surface. Useful when scanning structures such as the underside of a parking garage, underneath a bridge or an interior roof.


  • Begin the scan setup as normal by setting the scan Surface
  • Pilot your drone so that the height is below the scan Surface
  • Select Set Height to Current
  • The gimbal angle will automatically look up to capture the underside of the bridge

Adjust maximum speed

The Maximum Speed slider allows you to set the maximum speed at which Skydio will travel while exploring, scanning and when returning to the Launch Point or Rally Point.

While Skydio Obstacle Avoidance is robust, thin structures can be difficult to avoid. When scanning objects with cables or other thin or narrow features, try decreasing your speed with the Maximum Speed slider. 

  • Set the speed between 1.1 mph (0.5 m/s) - 11 mph (5 m/s). Default speed is 11 mph (5 m/s)
  • When performing a scan on structures with cables or other narrow features, we suggest decreasing the maximum speed to 6.7 mph (3 m/s)
  • Skydio will avoid obstacles at all speeds. Per the limits of our obstacle avoidance capabilities, do not use 3D Scan when obstacles are less than 0.5” (1.27 cm) wide



Strict geofencing available for 2D and 2D GPS Captures

  • Enable Strict Geofences within the Review Scan settings step
  • Previously, if Skydio was not actively scanning and needed to transition to a different location within the scan area of a 2D or 2D GPS Capture, it could leave the scan boundaries. Now, you have the option to enable strict geofencing. Skydio will stay within the geofence, even when transitioning.

Other scanning improvements

  • Skydio will look toward the structure or area you are scanning when flying to the relocalization point. This is intended to reduce drift and improve overall relocalization performance.


June 29, 2022

Skydio Enterprise Controller software version: 20.1.30
Enterprise Android app version:


Enterprise iOS app version:


Skydio drone software version: 19.4.18

What's in this release:

  • Minor fixes and performance improvements

June 16, 2022

Skydio Enterprise Controller version:


Enterprise Android app version:


Enterprise iOS app version:


Drone software version: 19.4.15


Scan Data Updates

  • After completing a scan, you will see a new file in your scan folder.
  • Pix4D_geolocation.csv includes metadata specific to Pix4DMapper
  • Upload this file directly to Pix4DMapper for an easier, more seamless reconstruction experience.


April 13, 2022

Skydio Enterprise Controller version:


Enterprise Android app version:


Enterprise iOS app version:

19.0.0 (38)

Drone software version: 19.0.50

What's in this release

  • Bug fixes

March 29, 2022

Skydio Enterprise Controller version:


Enterprise Android app version:


Enterprise iOS app version:

19.0.0 (38)

Drone software version: 19.0.50

For more information visit:

Access 3D Scan Software Manuals

[info] For Skydio 2/2+ users, this update will be released gradually over the course of 1 week. If you do not see the update in the App Store or Google Play by January 11, 2022, please contact Skydio Support.[/info] 


3D Tower Capture

Introducing 3D Tower Capture, a best-in-class solution for automated data capture of telecommunications towers and other vertical structures. This specialized capture mode drastically speeds up the scan setup process and results in an efficient, orbit-based capture of your tower.

Instead of setting up several pillars to create your scan boundary, simply set a center pillar and radius to create a cylindrical scan boundary. During a 3D Tower Capture, Skydio defaults its flight path to begin at the top or bottom of the tower and flies a spiral path around the Z axis.


Optimize X and Y Scan Passes

In any 3D Capture mode, you now have the option to toggle on Optimize X,Y. This means that during the X and Y scan passes, redundant imagery captured in previous scan passes will be skipped. Avoiding duplicate photos decreases the total scan time and total number of photos captured while still maintaining full coverage.


Support for Thermal Images (Skydio X2 Color/Thermal only)

Capturing thermal images is now supported on Skydio X2 Color/Thermal. Navigate to the Camera Settings menu and tap to change the IR JPG setting from Off to On.


Safe Distance

Enable Safe Distance to set a minimum distance the drone will stay away from objects and structures during autonomous flight (3.3-9.8 ft / 1-3m). For example, setting a Safe Distance is useful when you want to avoid flying near or through obstacles, such as a lattice tower, while Skydio explores the scan area. Use in any situation where you need to avoid objects such as wiring or thin antennas. Safe Distance is not active when piloting manually.

Take Best Photo

Skydio will intuitively and automatically adjust the Distance to Surface if it runs into obstructions at any point while scanning, allowing you to capture images in tight spaces. The GSD will also automatically update as Skydio adjusts the Distance to Surface value. This setting is on by default for all scan modes.

Extend Capture Area

When any of the Visual Geofences are enabled, the Extend Capture Area setting allows Skydio to capture photos that are located outside of the scan volume without physically flying there. Skydio will capture photos that are one Distance to Surface value outside of the scan volume. Meaning, if your Distance to Surface is set to 30 feet, enabling this setting allows Skydio to capture photos up to 30 feet outside of the scan volume.

There are three new available settings to toggle:

  • Above Ceiling
  • Below Floor
  • Outside Walls


Above Ceiling


Below Floor


Outside Walls


UI/UX Improvements

You now have the ability to enter the 3D Scan mode from the Fly Screen. After powering on your drone, simply select Use 3D Scan to begin automatically rebooting.


After completing your scan, directly enter the Edge Model Viewer with the new Review Scan option.


Not sure which scan mode to use? With Guided Mode Selection, tap the question mark to view more information about each scan mode.


New VehicleName in Photo EXIF Data

Easily differentiate between the Skydio X2 Color and Skydio X2 Color/Thermal camera models with updated naming in the embedded EXIF/XMP image data.

  • If you are using a Skydio X2 Color the VehicleName is displayed as X2 Wide
  • If you are using a Skydio X2 Color/Thermal the VehicleName is displayed as X2 Narrow


General Bug Fixes

  • Multi-battery resume no longer relies on the location of the AR Observer, so you can more confidently set your optimal AR Observer location.

January 4, 2022

Skydio Enterprise Controller version:


Enterprise Android app version:


Enterprise iOS app version:

15.11.1 (2)

Drone software version: 15.11.33
CS_Info_callout_icon.jpg For Skydio 2/2+ users, this update will be released gradually over the course of 1 week. If you do not see the update in the App Store or Google Play by January 11, 2022, please contact Skydio Support.


Skydio X2D Encryption Support

Introducing full support for encryption on your Skydio X2D. Before starting your flight, insert a security key to encrypt your data. After completing a scan, land and insert the security key to decrypt your media and access your scan data.



Capture Report Update

The Capture Report now includes information about which drone was used to fly in a specific scan, giving you additional valuable data for your post-scan review. 

UI/UX Improvements

New text field entry for 2D GPS Capture Height. You now have the ability to manually enter your desired Height over Launch during a 2D GPS Capture. 

Fly to your desired Height and select "Set Height to Current" or input a valid number between zero and your designated Height Ceiling into the text field. 


October 14, 2021

Enterprise Android app version:


Enterprise iOS app version:

15.10.0 (6)

Skydio 2 Drone software version: 15.10.17
  • Introducing 2D GPS Capture as a new 3D Scan capture mode. You now have the ability to preplan your flight using a top-down map view. 
  • This release brings performance improvements and stability updates to enhance your flying experience.

For more information visit:

Access 3D Scan Software Manuals

Getting Started on Skydio Cloud

September 28, 2021

Skydio is proud to announce exciting new features and enhancements to 3D Scan* in our software release version 15.9.

Enterprise App Version

15.9.31 (iOS)

15.9.35 (Android)

Skydio 2 Vehicle Software Version


Skydio X2 Vehicle Software Version 


*Additional license required - To purchase Skydio 3D Scan contact a Skydio Sales Representative

Access Skydio 2 Enterprise Operator Manuals here.

Access Skydio X2E Manuals, Checklists, and Guides here.


Android Support

3D Scan is now supported on Android 9.0 (or higher) devices. Install the Skydio 2 Enterprise App for Android and ensure you have been provisioned with your Autonomy Enterprise Foundation (AEF)™ software add-on and 3D Scan™ software add-on.

3D Scan on Skydio X2

In addition to Android support, 3D Scan is now available on all Skydio X2 variants. Contact a Skydio Sales Representative to purchase the 3D Scan software add-on.

Adjustable Z Gimbal Pitch

By default, the gimbal angle during a Z Contour Slice scan pass is now set to 15 degrees below the horizon. This downward-facing image capture can lead to better reconstructions for certain structures like cell towers. Adjust your Z Slice gimbal pitch as-needed.


Adjustable Exploration Speed

Before the Explore phase begins, you now have the option to decrease the speed at which Skydio 2 or Skydio X2 performs this initial inspection. Adjust the flight speed from 1.1 mph - 5.6 mph (0.5 m/s - 2.5 m/s). The Explore phase should be a small fraction of the total scan time.

DNG Image Capture

DNG photos may now be captured when Stop for Photo is enabled. Access these files post-flight by connecting your drone or the Media Card to a laptop or computer.

Floor and Ceiling

You no longer need to select "Move Floor" or "Move Ceiling" to update the current placement of these bounds. Fly to the desired location and the Floor/Ceiling will move with your drone as it flies. Additionally, you will notice a gray AR plane that denotes the launch height, making it easier for you to visualize where to set the Floor/Ceiling.


Draggable Pillar Placement

In addition to flying to place pillars, you may now easily drag them to encompass the structure you wish to scan. By default, the pillar is attached to the drone and will move as you fly. Enable dragging by holding on the screen to select the active pillar. You may continue to set pillars by dragging or select "Attach" to reconnect the pillar to the drone.


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