Best for indoor operations or outdoor missions that require high precision.  Live mission planning leverages vision-based flight and advanced visual relocalization to reliably repeat missions with a high degree of accuracy. 

Quick Steps

  1. Select Fly Now
  2. Plan your mission
  3. Prepare for launch
  4. Define the Mission Path
  5. Set your heading in transit to the waypoint
  6. Set return behaviors


Step 1 - Enter the Remote Flight Deck

    • select your drone from the Fleet Management screen
    • select Fly Now
    • Select Mission Planner from the dropdown menu


Remote Flight Deck - the default view is a side-by-side of the drone camera and the map. You can expand the camera or the map view using the menu in the top-right corner. The camera feed will not display until you are ready to launch.


Step 2 - Begin planning your mission

    • name your mission or leave the default name
    • set Navigation Type to Vision


Step 3 - Select Prepare for Launch

    • the bay door will open and the arm will extend
    • Select to launch
    • Skydio will ascend to 7 ft (2.13 m), rotate 360° and hover

Step 4 - Select Enter Flight Control to pilot your drone to initiate the Pointer lock

Step 5 - Define the Mission Path

    • fly to your second waypoint

Set Obstacle Avoidance

    • Reduced
    • Standard

Set the speed that the drone will fly between waypoints between 1 m/s and 8 m/s


[caution text="Flying with reduced obstacle avoidance will increase the risk of collision."]

Step 6 - Set your heading in transit to the waypoint

Interpolate - heading and camera pitch angle are automatically determined for a smooth transition while traveling between waypoints


Custom - define the heading and camera pitch angle while traveling between waypoints

    • Heading - the direction the aircraft is pointing from 0° (True North) to 359°
    • Camera Pitch Angle - set from -90° to 90° 


Step 7 - Select Set Waypoint

    • name the waypoint (name default Waypoint#)
    • toggle Take Photo on or off
    • toggle take panoramic on or off
    • set the hover time from 0-30 seconds
    • select Save Waypoint

Step 8 - Define your return behaviors

Set Loss Communications between 10 and 600 seconds to determine how long your drone waits to regain a signal connection. Default is 60 seconds.

Set your Return Type: 

    • Direct - your drone will return to the Dock taking the most direct path
    • Backtrack - your drone will return to the Dock following the waypoint path in reverse

Set your Height Behavior:

    • Absolute - return altitude above ground level
    • Relative - return altitude above the final waypoint 

Set return height from 1 to 200 feet AGL


As you set waypoints the Mission length will automatically adjust so that you know how long your mission will take and how much media is collected

Step 9 - Select Save Mission Plan when you are done creating your mission




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