Skydio X2E is designed to be lightweight and foldable so that assembly for flight is quick and simple.

Quick Steps

Assemble Skydio X2E for flight:

[caution text="The propeller blades are sharp, handle with care."]

Step 1 - Slide the battery into the rails towards the camera until the magnets engage insert_battery_X2.png
Step 2 - Release the 4 arm clamps arm_clamps_X2.png
Step 3 - Lift the motor arms out and away from the body
    • listen and feel for a click
Step 4 - Return the 4 arm clamps to the locked position
    • ensuring that the blue marks align

Step 5 - Verify that the log and media memory cards are installed

    • Log card – records logs and supports future software offerings
    • Media card – stores images and video
Step 6 - Gently push each antenna inward to release
    • guide them into a vertical position
Step 7 - Hold the power button on the battery for 3 seconds to power on your Skydio X2E X2_power-button-arrow_ill_A0090.png


Check the motor arms to ensure that they are fully extended:

X2_assembly_extend_arm.gif X2_assembly_arm_clamp.gif
assembled_wrong.png assembled_right.png

[warning text="Failure to secure the motor arms may result in a crash. Ensure that the 4 arm clamps are in a locked position and do not move."]

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