Establishing return behaviors for your X2E is a critical pre-flight safety precaution that ensures a safe return flight and landing. When a return is triggered, either manually or autonomously, Skydio X2E will continuously analyze real-time GPS coordinates or use the vision navigation system and ascend to a specified height before beginning the return flight. You can customize this return height, and other return settings to ensure that no obstacles, people, or animals will be in your drone’s return pathway. Skydio X2 will retain its current obstacle avoidance setting while returning.

Quick Steps

Select a return location - set to either the launch location or the controller location.

If a Home Point has been set for this flight:

    • Launch Point option will be replaced with Home Point


Customize return height behaviors in the Drone Settings menu:

Step 1 - Select the Settings menu icon X2-user_guide-flying_x2-flight_screen_icon-1__device_settings_.png

Step 2 - Select the Drone tab

Step 3 - Select Return Behavior


Step 4 - Select Return Type and set the return using:

    • GPS (default) OR
    • Vision for use in GPS-denied environments

Step 5 - Select Return Height

    • set the height the drone ascends to before returning
    • default return height is set to 66 ft (20 m)

Step 6 - Select Return Behavior

Absolute return height -

    • X2 will ascend to the specified Return height (above the launch point) before returning

Relative return height -

    • X2 will ascend by the specified Return Height above the drone’s current position before returning

Example: If the Return Height is 32 ft (9.8 m) and the drone is at 20 ft (6.1 m) at the time the return is commanded, X2 will ascend 32 ft (9.8 m) and then return at a height of 52 ft (15.8 m).


Step 7 - Select Drone Looks

    • set X2 to either look toward or away from while flying to the return destination
Step 8 - set the return speed of X2 while returning using the slider

Step 9 - Select Lost Connection Return Behaviors to choose how your want your drone to behave if the signal to your controlling device is lost:

    • Return when Disconnected - toggle Off to disable Return when Disconnected and the Lost Connection menu. X2 will not return if it loses connection—it will hover until it reaches a low battery and land.
    • Wait Before Return - Specify the amount of time that you want Skydio X2 to wait before it initiates a return flight, allowing time to reconnect.
    • Land Once Returned - When enabled, Skydio X2 will return, hover for a specified amount of time, then land.
    • Wait Before Land - Specify the amount of time between 0 to 300 seconds (default - 240 seconds) that you want Skydio X2 to wait before landing. Only available when Land Once Return is toggled on.

[info text="If the return type is set to GPS but the Skydio X2E enters a GPS denied situation your drone will return to the last known GPS point using vision navigation. If a GPS link is not re-established your drone will return to the launch point using vision navigation."] 

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