The lights provide information about Skydio 2/2+ status, orientation, and heading while on the ground and in flight. The lights are intended to communicate information and are not meant for illumination.


Quick Steps

To Enable RGB Navigation lights:

Step 1 - Select Device settings icons8-settings-24.png  
Step 2 - Select Drone settings Lights_screenshot.png
Step 3 - Select Lights   

Step 4 - Toggle RGB

             enabled or disabled



    • Red - two in front framing camera 
    • Green - one in the rear
    • Blue - all lights during initialization


    • lights will be blue during the initial boot sequence and will turn off when the drone is ready to fly



Initial boot sequence

Blue blinking

Grounded not connected

Blue breathing

Grounded connected

Blue solid


Blue blinking

Flight front orientation

Red solid

Flight rear orientation

Green solid

Flight obstacle avoidance off

Yellow solid

Returning not connected

Yellow blinking

Landing obstacle avoidance off

Yellow blinking

Emergency landing obstacle avoidance disabled

Red blinking


Landing - 

    • obstacle avoidance is on until Skydio 2/2+ is ~3m above the ground
    • when Skydio reaches this 3m threshold during landing, it will then briefly pause, turn off obstacle avoidance, and continue landing vertically the lights will be flashing yellow

Skills -

    • when Skydio 2/2+ is performing a continuous Enterprise, Cinematic, or One-Shot skill the lights will expand from the center point outward
    • lights will blink on and off when Skydio 2/2+ is processing a command

Skydio 2/2+ Battery lights -

While the battery is in a charging state, one of the four blue lights will pulse to represent the battery’s current charge level:

    • 1 - 0-37% charged
    • 2 - 38-62% charged
    • 3 - 63-87% charged
    • 4 - 88-100 charged


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