The Skydio app gives you the ability to wirelessly edit and create ready-to-share clips of your flights directly on your phone. Instantly create and share a clip within the Skydio app after completing your flight using clip creation.

  • Creating a clip will sync any recorded audio into the new file
  • Skydio can record video in either AVC (H.264) or HEVC (H.265)
  • Different mobile devices and personal computers have different compatibility with these encoding standards

[note] Attempting to save a video or make a clip with an encoding that is not compatible with your mobile device may cause playback issues. [/note]

How to create a clip

Step 1 - Navigate to the Review tab

After landing, select the Review tab to preview your recent flights and sync audio.

[note] Wait for the audio to finish syncing before quitting the app or powering down your drone. [/note]

Step 2 - Select video

Tap on the thumbnail of a flight to begin playback.


Step 3 - Select Create Clip

You will see Create Clip in the top right of your screen. Select this to enter the clip editor.

  • Use the cursor to scrub through your flight video
  • Set the start and end points of your clip

Select Next and to view export options.


How to share a clip

Step 1 - Select export options

After creating a clip, you have three export options:

  • Original (16x9)
  • Vertical (9x16)
  • Square (1x1)

Step 2 - Wait as your clip is generated

The final video will be saved to your device. 


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