Obstacle Avoidance is the autonomous task of maneuvering around static objects such as buildings, mountains, and trees. Navigate through tight spaces and up-close inspection of detailed assets with obstacle avoidance modes. The obstacle avoidance values are not product specifications but estimates that may slightly change based on various factors, including but not limited to the drone’s environment and selected flight mode.

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[caution text="Flying with Close or Minimal obstacle avoidance settings increases the risk of collision and obstacles such as transparent surfaces and thin wires/branches will be more difficult to detect. Take caution when flying in these modes. Disabling obstacle avoidance to slowly and carefully navigate tight spaces with extreme caution. Turning down the controller throttle, roll, and pitch sensitivity to the lowest setting and proceeding at a max speed of 2 mph (1 m/s)."]

Quick Steps

To set obstacle avoidance mode:

Step 1 - Select Begin Flight

Step 2 - Select the settings menu CS_S2P_media_UI_stop_at_structure0_anno.png
Step 3 - Select the Drone tab ceiling_height_screenshot_S2E.png

Step 4 - Select Obstacle Avoidance

  • Standard
  • Close
  • Minimal
  • Disabled 

Variable Margins - Toggled On by default, obstacle avoidance will dynamically reduce to allow the drone to pass through narrow spaces, and then resume obstacle avoidance distance settings.

  • uses visual navigation and AI to dynamically and temporarily reduce obstacle avoidance margins when moving through narrow spaces.
  • will dynamically expand margins if the drone detects environmental issues like the wind.




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