You can offload your media either manually or using Skydio Media Sync. Skydio Media Sync offers seamless transfer and management of updates, images, videos, and scans in Skydio Cloud. Media can be stored, searched, and shared across your organization from the dashboard or Skydio API integration. 

To purchase Skydio Cloud Media Sync and Skydio 3D Scan, contact your Skydio Sales Representative.

For detailed instructions about how to use Skydio Media Sync to offload your media, visit How to use Media Sync in Skydio Cloud.

To manually offload your media:

Step 1 - Power on Skydio X10


Step 2 - Connect X10 to your computer

Insert the provided USB-C cable into the USB-C charging port on the back of your drone.


Step 3 - Import your media

If you are using an Apple product, use the Photos app or the Image Capture app to transfer your files.

Select the Global settings menu and the Media tab to view photos, videos, and scans from your recent flights.

  • Select an image or video to view
  • Press and hold on a thumbnail to select multiple or delete

Only standard color and thermal JPGs will be displayed in the Media menu. To access your DNG or RJPG files, you must transfer the files from your drone.

Photos captured using Interval will appear as a single stack. Selecting the stack will allow you to scroll through individual images one by one.

[note] Media is not accessible inflight. [/note]

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