Why did Skydio raise prices?

Due to a global shortage of chips and other components, the cost of procuring necessary parts for Skydio 2 has substantially increased and we were unable to continue with our original pricing.

What if I already placed a reservation, do I have to pay the increased pricing?

All reservations placed prior to May 13, 2021, will pay the original price listed at the time you placed your reservation. The original price listed at the time of your reservation for Skydio 2 + Accessories will be reflected in your cart at checkout after you have entered your email address on the order form.

I just received a refund for my reservation deposit, can I still purchase Skydio 2 at the old pricing?

Your original reservation included a maximum of 60 days to complete your purchase. Unfortunately, if you did not complete your order within that timeframe and you have already received a refund for your $100 deposit, you will need to place a new reservation and will be asked to pay the listed price at the time of your new reservation.

The Pro Kit Upgrade only comes with 3 batteries now? What gives?

We reduced the number of batteries to 3 to speed up delivery and reduce shipment costs of the Pro Kit. Shipping regulations classified the Pro Kit with 4 total batteries as “dangerous goods” imposing additional inspections that result in longer delivery times and higher shipping costs. Three batteries is the maximum allowed to avoid the “dangerous good” classification. You can purchase additional batteries a la carte.

Will the price go down when component pricing readjusts?

We do not expect this situation to resolve itself within a short period of time. The new increased pricing for Skydio 2 is expected to remain in place for future Skydio 2 orders.

What is Legacy Pricing and how do I get it?

Legacy pricing refers to the original price listed prior to the price increase on May 13th. All valid reservations placed prior to May 13th are eligible for legacy pricing. Legacy pricing appears in your cart at checkout after you have entered your email on the order form.

I placed my reservation before May 13th, why isn’t the legacy pricing showing in my cart?

You need to enter the same email address that you used to place your reservation within the order form at checkout for the system to recognize you. Once you have entered your email and as long as your reservation was placed before May 13th, then the original price will populate automatically at checkout.

When will my Skydio 2 ship? What batch is my order in?

Skydio 2 is now shipping! We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time, and we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Our Skydio Support team is here if you have any questions or need any help. As we continue to optimize our production capacity, most reservations wait times are down to under 45 days. We expect that wait time will continue to decrease each week as we progress into the new year. 

Please see updated delivery dates listed below as of February 1st, 2021.

Reservation pre-orders for production batches 1 through 4 are sold out. Currently, Skydio 2 reservation orders are for production batch 5 (see below for rough timeframes for each batch).


  • Batch 1 (reservation orders beginning with 6): Orders completed.
  • Batch 2 (reservation orders beginning with 7): Orders completed.
  • Batch 3 (reservation orders beginning with 8): Orders completed.
  • Batch 4 (reservation orders beginning with 9): Orders completed.
  • Batch 5 (reservation orders beginning with 1235): Completing orders now in the order they were received ('first-in/first-out')

Note: When a customer completes their reservation and/or adds accessories, they'll get a new order number (see "My friend got an email..." below).

What is in the latest Skydio 2 update?

We've just updated the entire Skydio 2 product family! Check out this video and the blog post linked below for a detailed summary (and be sure to read our User Guides for even more):
What’s New with Skydio 2: Detailed Overview

How do I get started with Skydio 2?

Check out our quick tutorial video below to learn more and be sure to visit this page for all the details on Getting Started with Skydio 2 (and Skydio accessories)!

Also be sure to check out our Skydio Flight School series of videos!

My friend got an email to complete their purchase, but their order number is a larger number than mine? WTF?

Skydio 2 reservation order numbers are "batched" (see "When will my Skydio 2 ship?", above) but beyond that first digit, they in no way indicate a sequence. We are sending out emails to invite the next people in line to complete their purchases and will continue to do so for each batch as drones come off our manufacturing line and are ready to ship out.

We're working like crazy to get these awesome drones out the door to you! Thanks for your patience. We think it's worth it.

While you wait, might we suggest a little light reading? Getting Started with Skydio 2

Someone who already got their drone posted their order number online and it was a way larger number than my order number? What gives?

See above. Ultimately, the numbers in no way indicate a sequence. When a customer completes their reservation and/or adds accessories, they'll get a new order number. And that order number begins with the current batch prefix, hence the larger value (currently that order number will begin with "1235...").

We know it might seem a bit confusing, but the key point is that the reservation order number is different than what folks get when they finish buying their Skydio 2 or accessories. Apologies for any confusion around that!

I live outside the US or Canada. Can I buy Skydio products?

We currently only sell and ship to the US (excluding US territories) and Canada, but hope to expand to other countries soon. Skydio 2 is not currently certified for use outside of the US and Canada.

Is the $100 deposit refundable?

Yep. Any time before your order ships, you may contact us to arrange a refund of your deposit.

What comes with my Skydio 2 Starter Kit? Does it come with a case too?

  • One battery, two additional propellers (one of each type beyond the four required to fly), one USB (type C) cable for charging and data transfer, and one USB (type C) wall adapter for charging.
  • This all comes in a convenient, custom-fit, durable hardshell carrying case for transport.
  • Accessories like Beacon and Controller are sold separately (see below).
      • Also note that the Skydio 2 Starter Kit does not come with a microSD card (and requires that microSD card for operation). SanDisk Extreme microSD Cards are sold separately on our store, and are also included with any of the upgrade kits available.
  • See this article for more details.

What comes with the Pro Kit upgrade? How much does it cost?

Protect your drone and all the accessories you need to get the job done. The Pro Kit upgrade comes with everything listed below (Skydio 2 drone is not included with the Pro Kit upgrade):

  • 1 Rugged Case
  • 1 Controller
  • 1 Beacon
  • 1 Skydio-branded tablet mount for Controller
  • 3 Extra Batteries
  • 1 Pair of Extra Propellers
  • 1 Dual Battery Charger
  • 1 128GB SanDisk Extreme microSD Card
  • 1 SD Card Laptop Adapter
  • 1 Microfiber Lens Cloth
  • Skydio Premier Support

What are the shipping options for my purchase?

Skydio offers free UPS Ground shipping (for US orders), and free UPS Economy International shipping for orders shipping to Canada. Upgraded shipping options are not currently available. All shipments require a signature at delivery.

How can I buy Skydio accessories?

You’ll have an opportunity to add other Skydio 2 accessories at time of full payment.

How much will Skydio accessories cost?

  • Controller is sold for $179
  • Beacon is sold for $179
  • Extra Skydio batteries are sold for $115 each
  • Extra Skydio propeller sets are sold for $29 each

Are Skydio 2 or the accessories waterproof?

No. We recommend caution when flying over water. Beacon can be easily protected with third-party water sports cases or straps, much in the same way that you would protect a non-waterproof phone.

Controller looks like the Parrot Anafi controller - what's that all about?

We partnered with Parrot for our Skydio Controller, and yes, it is the same hardware that comes with the Anafi. However, the Controller is pre-loaded with Skydio software, and is set up to be used exclusively with Skydio 2. It won't be compatible with the Anafi, nor will an Anafi controller be compatible with Skydio 2.
To learn more about Controller, check out this section of our site.

Does Skydio offer repairs for Skydio 2?

We do offer repair evaluations for out-of-warranty collisions or other events that fall outside of our safety and usage guidelines. If your Skydio 2 requires repair, just reach out to our support team for assistance.

What is Skydio 2’s top speed?

36 mph either in fully autonomous or manual control modes.

What is Skydio 2’s flight time?

23 minutes on a single battery. Check out this article for details.

What are the Skydio 2 camera specifications?

The Skydio 2 camera is based around a Sony’s IMX577 1/2.3” 12.3MP CMOS sensor and is capable of filming in 4K60 with 13 stops of dynamic range. Check out our specs page for more info.

Can I use an ND filter on the main camera lens of Skydio 2?

Yes! The bezel of the main camera was designed to support ND filters. We sell a set that is precisely engineered for the Skydio 2 with a seamless magnetic connection. More details on the PolarPro Cinema Series ND Filter set:

  • Includes ND8, ND16, and ND32 filters to cover a majority of lighting conditions.
  • Strong Magnetic HotSwap System lets you quickly switch out filters.
  • Cinema Series Glass features a low refractive index, color neutrality, and outstanding clarity.
  • Includes a magnetic filter case for fast filter access.

How high can Skydio 2 fly?

See this article for details.

How does Skydio use GPS?

See this article for details.

What methods of payment can I use to buy stuff from the Skydio shop?

See this article for details.

What is the warranty on my purchase?

See this article for details.

What is your return policy?

See this article for details.

Can I have my order shipped to a PO box?

No, UPS does not deliver to PO box addresses.

How are taxes calculated for my purchase?

For shipments within the US, tax rates are determined by state or county. For shipments to Canada, there is no tax charged at the point of sale, but your shipping agent may charge tax at the border.

Do I have to create an account to buy something from the Skydio shop?

No account required, but you can opt-in to receive further emails and communication from the team at Skydio.

How do I track my order?

After your order has shipped, we’ll send you an email (or a text) with a tracking number.

What about Skydio R1?

Our first autonomous drone, Skydio R1, has completely sold out and is no longer shipping. Reserve our next-generation drone, Skydio 2 now!

I have other questions. How do I reach out if I need help?

Check out our related articles for additional help. If you have any other questions or need help, just contact us.

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