We’ve optimized Skydio 2’s flight behaviors based on its ability to track a subject accurately. Using the Skydio app and a variety of different skills, you can adjust and alter Skydio 2's flight behavior to get the perfect shot.

Based on which flight mode you’re using, or whether or not Skydio 2 is currently tracking a subject, here are the altitude (height) specifications for Skydio 2:

(Please note that these values represent the max height from the controlling device, meaning your phone/Controller or Beacon, not the maximum operational altitude)

  • When flying with just the Skydio app and tracking a subject (not using Controller or Beacon), the maximum height is 8m (26.87ft) - if that subject is a vehicle, the maximum height is 16m (53.75ft).
  • When Skydio 2 is not tracking a subject, the maximum height is 130m (427 ft.), regardless of which control option is being used).
  • In addition to the above specs, when tracking a subject, Skydio 2 will nominally stay within 10m (32.8ft) of the subject (overall distance in relation to the person being followed) or 20m (65.6ft), if tracking a car.

Additionally, Skydio 2 has a maximum operational altitude - meaning how far above sea level you are when operating the drone - of 15,000 ft (density altitude above sea level).

It's always important to follow your local laws when it comes to flying your drone. Skydio 2’s height ceilings are compliant with FAA guidelines. As a Skydio pilot, you are solely responsible for monitoring and managing your drone's battery life to make sure you have enough flight time left to get back down to the ground safely for landing - check out our safety page for more information and tips.