When you are ready to land your drone, stop any subject tracking or autonomous actions and manually fly the drone to a stable landing spot that is clear of debris and people.

How to land

Step 1 - Find a safe landing spot that is flat and clear of debris

    • Stop subject tracking and manually fly

Step 2 - Press and hold the LAND button

    • Skydio 2/2+ will descend until 10 ft (3 m) above the surface below it
    • When less than 10ft from surface, LEDs will turn yellow and all obstacle avoidance is disabled (You will be notified when obstacle avoidance is disabled)
    • You may nudge the drone forwards, backward, left, or right using the controller or digital thumbsticks in the app
    • You may also cancel any non-emergency landing by tapping the red Cancel button before the landing completes.

[warning] Skydio may recognize bushes, trees and similar obstacles as potential surfaces. Make sure to first pilot the drone to an open area free of obstacles before initiating a landing. [/warning]

[note] After Skydio has landed it will begin syncing the recorded audio from the mobile device to the drone’s video. Skydio must stay powered on and connected to the app while this sync is in progress for audio to be added to the videos. [/note]

How to hand land

Launching and landing Skydio 2/2+ from your hand is a quick and convenient way to start or end your flight, particularly if you are not in a clear, level area. For your safety, always use caution when hand launching or landing. Both maneuvers are dangerous and should not be attempted in unstable environments, such as during high winds or while standing on a moving vehicle or boat.

Visit the Skydio Safety and Operating Guide for detailed information.

[warning] Do not attempt hand-landing without first initiating a landing. Doing so will result in the motors spinning at full speed and may cause severe injury. [/warning]

[caution]Launching and landing Skydio 2/2+ from your hand is an advanced maneuver for experienced pilots. Obstacle avoidance is disabled during launch, your drone will climb approximately 5 ft (1.5 m) above your hand and hover. Do not touch the spinning propellers and exercise extreme care to avoid injury.[/caution]


Step 1 - Ensure that you have safe landing conditions

    • Low winds
    • Skydio is hovering stationary within a few feet of you and is no longer following a subject
    • Skydio is hovering over clear ground so you have ample space to move
Step 2 - Rotate Skydio so that the camera is facing away from you

Step 3 - Initiate a landing through the app, Beacon or Controller

Step 4 - Move yourself into a position that will allow the drone to safely land in your hand

    • You will be able to nudge the drone forwards, backward, left, or right using the controller or digital thumbsticks in the app.
    • The safest, and recommended, approach is to avoid nudging completely and adjust your position to meet the drone instead.

[warning] Do not attempt to hand catch Skydio before the LEDs turn yellow. Attempting to hand catch Skydio while obstacle avoidance is active will cause it to attempt to avoid your hand and may result in Skydio impacting yourself or another nearby object. [/warning]

[caution]While landing, Skydio 2/2+ will check to see if it is supported by a stable and motionless surface for several seconds to ensure that a safe touchdown has been achieved. It may take several seconds for the propellers to stop rotating after touching down. If Skydio 2/2+ is not stable and level, the motors may spin back up again. If this happens, maintain a firm grip on the battery and keep the drone level and motionless. Do not attempt to rotate, pull or flip Skydio 2/2+ during a hand landing. Doing so may cause the battery to become dislodged.[/caution]

Do not attempt hand landing:

  • During high winds
  • If Skydio is not stable in flight for any reason
  • If Skydio is performing an emergency landing after and accident or crash
  • You are in an area where you do not have stable footing
  • You are on a moving vehicle or boat

Emergency Flight Termination

When flying with a controller, you will now have the option to terminate your flight* in the event of an extreme emergency. Simultaneously press and hold the Land and Return buttons on the controller for three seconds while in flight to immediately stop your drone's motors.


[warning] Terminating a flight will cause your drone to crash. Damage resulting from Flight Termination is not covered under warranty and may result in injury or damage. Use only in extreme situations. [/warning]

*Only available when flying with the Skydio Controller.

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