The range that your Skydio 2/2+ can fly is determined by the control option that you select to operate your drone. Skydio 2+ Beacon and the Controller are designed to maximize your Skydio 2/2+ in-flight experience, however, there are some factors that may interfere with the range, signal strength, and connection.

  Skydio 2+ Skydio 2
Mobile device range 656 ft (200 m) 656 ft (200 m)
Skydio 2+ Beacon range 1.8 mi (3 km) 1 mi (1.5 km)
Skydio 2 Beacon range 1 mi (1.5 km) 1 mi (1.5 km)
Controller range 3.7 mi (6 km) 2 mi (3.5 km)
WiFi operating frequencies 5.18-5.24 GHz
5.725-5.85 GHz

2.4 / 5 GHz Dual Band

Channel width (standard WiFi)

20 / 40 MHz

20 / 40 / 80 MHz

Channel width (Skydio Link™)

5 / 10 MHz

5 / 10 MHz

Satellite constellations




Quick Steps

To optimize your signal transmission range with any controlling device:

  • Ensure the Skydio drone remains in visual line of sight.
  • Avoid microwave antennas, high-voltage power lines, electrical pylons, and communications towers, which may interfere with the radio transmissions that control your Skydio.
  • Set your phone to do not disturb mode to ensure that your transmission signal is not interrupted by notifications or phone calls while flying.

To optimize your signal transmission range with the Controller:

  • Turn off the WiFi on your mobile device, ensuring communication to the drone through the Controller and reducing electromagnetic interference during flight
  • Ensure that the Controller cover is fully open. The antenna is inside of the extendable phone clamp, so it is important to keep the Controller open while flying to maintain a good connection.
  • Point the Controller towards the drone at all times. In ideal conditions, with no obstructions or wireless network interference, the range has been tested up to 3.7 mi (6 km*) with Skydio 2+ and 2.2 mi (3.5 km) with Skydio 2.
  • Consider distance as the Controller signals attenuate with distance—the signal will get weaker as your Skydio flies away from the Controller.
  • Evaluate your environment—communications between the Controller and your drone penetrate most non-conducting materials, such as wood, concrete, and bricks but may affect signal strength.
  • Fly cautiously in areas with conductive materials such as metal and water which may reflect the Controller signals and weaken signal strength.

Flying with Beacon:

  • A strong GPS signal is required to track beyond 20 m (66 ft) with Beacon. If GPS quality is insufficient, the maximum tracking range will be capped at 20 m (66 ft) to maintain a visual lock.

*Always follow local rules, regulations, and FAA guidelines, and fly your drone in line of sight at all times.

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