R1 and the Skydio app can help you easily capture and save still images from any of your flight videos to the camera roll on your phone - here’s how:

  1. Connect to your R1 via WiFi, then tap on the Videos tab within the Skydio app to view your flights:
  2. Tap on any flight and use the play/pause button or the timeline to locate the exact frame you’d like to use to create your still photo. Once you’ve found your frame, just tap the camera icon in the lower right corner of the preview window to save your still photo to your camera roll. Here’s an overview of the functions available on the clip creation screen (click/tap to enlarge):

Still images are saved as JPEG files to your phone camera roll (camera raw image files are not supported). The size of the still image will depend on your Video Quality Settings:

  • Stills created from 4k images will be 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels in length. Set your R1 to record in 4k for the best image quality.
  • Stills created from 1080p images will be 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels in length.

Note that while you can preview your flights within the Skydio app when disconnected from your R1, you must connect to your R1 via WiFi to create stills or clips.

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