The Skydio R1 app includes "one-shot" skills, which offer entirely new methods of capturing stunningly cinematic shareable moments. To learn more about using one-shots, check out our tutorial video (or read on):

One-shot modes are specific and customizable motions your R1 will perform once before returning back into the continuous cinematic skill you were in before. One-shots can be triggered while R1 is following a subject, or triggered independent of tracking - for instance, if you’d like to simply capture the scene with a unique camera move. While performing a one-shot, your R1 still retains full obstacle avoidance, flying itself while capturing amazing new perspectives of your adventure.









Before you use one-shots, first make sure you are using the latest version of the Skydio R1 app (iOS or Android) and that your R1 is also up to date. Check out our related articles for more info on updating your R1. One-shots are available on Skydio version 3.x or later.

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