As the foundational service within Skydio Cloud, Fleet Manager provides federated management for distributed drone operations. Access telemetry data uploaded to Skydio Cloud to view flight logs and robust reporting on usage metrics. You will need to configure your Skydio Cloud account before you can use Fleet Manager. See Getting Started with Skydio Cloud.

    • Automatically upload flight telemetry directly from the Skydio Enterprise App or Enterprise Controller
    • Filter and search flights across your organization
    • View and replay the flight path for any flight
    • Report usage metrics across your fleet
    • Detailed metrics for individual pilots and vehicles
    • Filter flights by date, pilot, and vehicle, view and download details
    • REST-based API endpoints for accessing flight data

Fleet Management

The Skydio Cloud dashboard provides an overview of your fleet, displaying flight data and history.



Vehicle Data

Selecting a vehicle will display: 

    • vehicle name
    • status
    • battery level (if online)
    • metadata - 
      • firmware version
      • total Flights
      • flight Time

Flight History

Flight history includes: 

    • the ability to filter by date
    • time
    • duration of flight
    • pilot
    • telemetry data 

Flight Screen 

The Flight screen offers a picture in picture street map and satellite view with the ability to zoom in and out.

    • vehicle flight pattern
    • vehicle speed
    • distance from the launch point
    • duration of flight


Flight Media

If you have purchased Media Sync (additional license required) you can view flight media by selecting the Media page icon or the Media menu. Filter by:

    • date
    • vehicle
    • pilot

Recordings of the flight will display on the flight screen when available.

Reports - Summary

Filter by date to display a summary view of all flights, including duration, vehicles, pilots, averages, and a distribution graph.



Reports - Activity

Filter by vehicle and by the pilot


Reports - Flights

List view filtered by, date, vehicle, pilot, and export CSV file



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