Using Skydio Cloud Media Sync (additional license required) to access your 3D Scan* data offers seamless upload and management of images, videos, and models. 3D Scan media can be stored, searched, and shared across your organization, either from the dashboard or directly from Skydio API integration. The scan menu incorporates the Cloud Model Viewer, a powerful post-flight tool for real-time inspection and decision-making. Browse through photosets, review scan data, and preview a model of your scan in the field to validate coverage and ensure you have the data you need before leaving a scan site. You will need to configure your Skydio Cloud account before using Media Sync. See Getting Started with Skydio Cloud.

*Skydio 3D Scan license required to sync and view 3D Scan data in Skydio Cloud.

Quick Steps

Initiate sync

Step 1 - Attach the battery

Step 2 - Power on the vehicle

Step 3 - Connect USB-C cable to the vehicle

Step 4 - Plug into a power supply

    • Media Sync is triggered when the vehicle is connected to power


Cloud Model Viewer

Step 1 - Select Scan from the navigation menu

Step 2 - Select the scan you want to manage



The Cloud Model Viewer displays:

    • Model view - coverage heatmap
    • Image view - a selected image
    • Gallery view - the collection of images taken during the scan


Coverage heatmap - indicate the number of images taken at each location

    • drag and zoom to navigate around the 3D model of your scan 
    • count defines the coverage mesh colors in relation to the number of photos taken:

                    Yellow - minimal coverage

                    Purple - full coverage



Select the settings icon to a minimum and maximum photo numbers scale:

Zoom to Selected Capture Point -

Automatically aligns the 3D view with the active capture point.

Show All Capture Points -

Displays all capture points. When toggled off, this hides other points and displays only the active camera selected. 

Show Volume -

Displays a yellow prism around the structure to denote the user-defined scan volume.




Capture points - frustum shapes surrounding the scan 

    • select individual capture points to view photos 

Inspect - select any point on the model and filter for all images containing that specific point:

    • a red sphere will appear on both the model and photo to show your current placement
    • review the settings and angles you chose and see where images are spatially located in relation to the model


Info - summary of the scan includes:

    • model
    • data
    • time of the scan
    • capture point
    • image size
    • scan name

Copy an image using the copy.pngicon



Help - displays information about how to navigate and use the Edge Model Viewer


Expand - enters fullscreen 


Battery - indicates the battery level of your drone

icons8-home-page-24.png Home - resets to the default view


Download - select the image you wish to download

    • images download as .JPG files
    • includes scan information 
    • allows you to rename your images 

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