There are three sets of skills that are available on the Skydio 2/2+ Enterprise App, General, Cinematic, and One-Shot. All of the skills are accessed during flight in the Skills menu. Obstacle avoidance settings are maintained in all skills.

General Skills



Traditional flying experience using Skydio Enterprise App on-screen controls or the Skydio Controller.



Orbit Point


Rotate around a user-selected point-of-interest in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, keeping the point in the center of the frame.

To initiate an orbit:

Step 1 - Select Orbit Point from the Skills menu

Step 2 - Select Map View

Step 3 - Fly Skydio 2/2+ to the edge of your orbit

Step 4 - Long press on the map

Step 5 - Select Set Focus Point subject

subjectSelect.png carSelect.png

Step 6 - Set the direction and speed for the orbit

    • use the on-screen slider to set the direction and speed of the orbit
    • Skydio 2/2+ will continue moving after lifting your finger from the screen
    • the farther you move the slider in either direction, the faster Skydio 2/2+ will orbit

Step 7 - Toggle between the map view and live view

Step 8 - Control camera gimbal pitch and zoom using the controller paddle/wheel

Step 9 - Adjust orbit range and altitude

    • drag the orbit on the controller screen to increase or decrease the orbit range
    • manually pilot Skydio 2/2+ and the orbit range will dynamically adjust
    • pause the orbit, manually pilot the drone to a new position, then resume range or altitude will adjust to the drone’s new distance from the Focus Point

Step 10 - Adjust Focus Point

    • tap and hold on the map to Move Focus Point
    • replaces the current focus point and sets the new orbit radius to match the drone's current location

Step 11 - stop or pause orbit

    • select Stop in the top right corner of the screen
    • press the pause hard button on the controller to stop the current autonomous action allowing you to take manual control over your Skydio 2/2+.

Select the Skill Settings Skill_Settings.png to expand or collapse the orbit range

Track in Place


Hover in a fixed position, as if affixed to a virtual tripod, rotating and tilting the camera to look at the subject as they move.

Select subject

subjectSelect.png carSelect.png

active tracks will display with subject indicators

    • select the subject indicator to initiate a track
    • stop or pause a track by selecting Stop in the top right corner of the screen and pressing the pause button on the controller. This will stop the current autonomous action and allow you to take manual control over your Skydio 2/2+



Create and execute multi-waypoint GPS missions. The Waypoints skill allows you to design and execute multi-waypoint GPS missions. Skydio 2/2+ uses AI-enabled path-planning algorithms to avoid obstacles. 

[note] Waypoints are created using GPS coordinates. Skydio 2/2+ must have a good GPS signal prior to executing a waypoint mission. [/note]

To set up a mission, select Waypoints from the skills menu, then tap on the map view.

Step 1 - Select Waypoints in the Skills menu

Step 2 - Long press on the map

Step 3 - Select Add Waypoint to set the first waypoint


The drone’s current pose settings will automatically be applied to the first waypoint. To customize these settings, tap on the newly created waypoint and set the drone’s altitude, heading, and gimbal angle for that waypoint as desired.

Step 4 - Long press on the map again to set your second waypoint. Your drone’s pose settings will match those of the previous waypoint, however, you can always tap on the waypoint to adjust the settings as needed.



Step 5 - Continue adding waypoints until your mission path is complete. Missions can support up to 256 waypoints. Waypoints that are added while a mission is in progress will be included in the current mission. If a waypoint is added after a mission completes, the flight will restart before including the newly added waypoint.

If you need to delete a waypoint, long press on that point, then select Delete. You can also tap the trash can icon to clear all waypoints.

Waypoint Skill Settings Skill_Settings.png menu to further customize the mission behavior:

    • set speed at which Skydio 2/2+ will move between waypoints
    • set lost connection to the controller during a mission. By default the drone will Return to Home if it loses connection, however, you can set it to Continue the mission instead. If Skydio 2/2+ does not regain connection upon completion of the mission, it will return to Home once the mission is complete.
    • set Skydio 2/2+ to take a photo at each waypoint. Toggled on, if the drone is in Video mode, Skydio 2/2+ will automatically switch to Photo mode upon starting or resuming a mission. The drone will switch back into Video mode upon pausing a mission, completing a mission, or exiting the Waypoints skill.

[note] If you switch to Video mode while a mission is active, the drone will automatically switch back to Photo mode at each waypoint, capture the image, then switch back to Video mode. This will result in a separate video file for each flight segment between waypoints. [/note]

Step 6 - Select the Play button to start. Skydio 2/2+ will autonomously move through each waypoint in the mission, and then once complete it will hover in place. 

    • only one waypoint mission may be defined at a time – you cannot save and load between multiple missions



The Panorama Skill allows you to take three different types of panoramic photos while in flight: Horizontal, Vertical, and Spherical

Read What is the Panorama Skill? for more detailed steps. 

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