The Extend Capture Area setting allows Skydio to capture photos that are located outside of the scan volume without physically flying there.


[note] In 3D Capture and 3D Tower Capture, Below Floor is enabled by default. [/note]


Skydio will capture photos that are one Distance to Surface value outside of the scan volume. Meaning, if your Distance to Surface is set to 30 feet, enabling this setting allows you to capture photos 30 feet outside of the scan volume.


Geofence: Strict

Extend Capture Area: OFF 


Geofence: Strict

Extend Capture Area: ON  

The maroon region represents the scan volume. When a Strict Geofence and Extend Capture Area are enabled, Skydio will not leave the Strict Geofence region and will only face outward to capture images located in the Extend Capture Area region.

Extend Capture Area is useful for indoor scanning or in situations where you need to capture the underside of a bridge. 

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