Getting started with Skydio Dock requires cloud setting configurations such as adding admins, claiming vehicles, linking devices, and adding wireless networks.

Quick Steps

  1. Toggle ON Data Capture
  2. Add Admins
  3. Claim vehicles and link to Dock
  4. Toggle ON Remote Flight Deck and Scheduled Mission
  5. Add wireless networks
  6. Sync cloud settings to your vehicle
  7. Update Skydio Dock and drones


Step 1 - Select the Settings menu and the General tab

    • add the name of your organization
    • upload a logo - replace the Skydio logo in the upper left corner
    • toggle Data Capture ON - control GPS & Telemetry automatically transmitted


[note] If Data Capture is toggled off the flight path and other telemetry data will not display on the flight screen [/note]

Step 2 - Select the Users tab and Invite a Member OR import a file (CSV or text file)

    • enter email
    • assign role as Admin for Remote Operations and Remote Flight 


[note] A member’s email address can only be associated with one organization at a time. [/note]

Step 3 - Claim the vehicles, Docks, and Dock Lites that you want in your fleet:

    • select Claim Device and enter the vehicle WiFi Name located in the battery bay or the Dock serial number
    • select Add More Devices and enter Dock Name located on the back access panel


Step 4 - Link vehicle to Dock

    • Select the More Info (...) icon for the Dock you are working with and Link Vehicle


[note] Only one vehicle is linked to a Dock. If you link a new vehicle, the previous vehicle will no longer be linked.[/note]

Step 5 - Add Dock ID (not required for Dock Lite)

    • Select the More Info (...) icon for the Dock you are working with and Change Settings
    • Enter the number on top of your Dock (your Dock license plate number) into the Dock ID field


[note] If you are installing multiple Docks within the same area, you must install unique license plates for each dock to ensure your drones return to the correct dock. After installing a new license plate, update the Dock ID in Skydio Cloud. [/note]

Step 6 - Select the More Info (...) icon for the vehicle that you are enabling

    • Toggle ON Remote Flight Enabled and Scheduled Mission Enabled

Snip - Skydio Cloud - Google Chrome.png

Step 7 - Select Reboot

    • the Dock will be offline while rebooting and online when the reboot is complete


Step 8 - Add Wireless Networks

    • Select the Network tab and Add New Network
    • Input the SSID name of your wireless network and the password
    • Select Add and repeat steps to add additional wireless networks allowing your Skydio drones and Docks to leverage multiple networks for connectivity
    • Prioritize your networks - wireless networks are ordered by priority, with the top connecting first. Drag the network box to reorder


[note] Visit DRO How to set up your network for more information about network requirements and troubleshooting.[/note]

Step 9 - Sync Cloud settings to your vehicle

To get started with Dock you will need to connect the dock to your network router using a CAT5 Ethernet cable. Requirements for Dock Ethernet connection:

    • throughput - 5 Mbps uplink/downlink required
    • ensure that disable ping is not selected - the gateway as reported in DHCP needs to be pingable

Power on your Skydio drone and the controlling device

    • Skydio Enterprise Controller OR
    • Skydio Enterprise app on a mobile device

Select the INFO menu and your drone

Select Cloud Settings:

    • Download Features from Cloud 
    • Sync Settings to Drone


Step 10 - Check for updates
Docks and drone software can be updated remotely for Skydio Dock and the vehicle. Software Update will display a red alert.

    • Skydio will notify you when an update is available
    • Software updates will display a red alert on Skydio Cloud Fleet Manager. Software updates availability will also be denoted in Settings > Devices



Step 11 - Perform the update:
To upgrade software, select Start update on either Dock or the drone and wait for the automatic process to complete and for the device to come back online.

    • The update process could take up to 30 minutes, depending on network speeds 
    • Select Reboot to complete the update process



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