For troubleshooting purposes only, you may need to reset your Skydio Beacon back to its factory state.

Note that following this procedure will require you to once again pair the Beacon with your Skydio 2/2+ using the included USB-C-to-C cable (see the Skydio Beacon/Beacon+ Operator Manual for more details on how to pair with your drone). 

Quick Steps

To reset the Beacon:

  1. Power off your Beacon if needed using the red Stop button.
  2. Press the blue Skydio button to power the Beacon on while holding down the right arrow key. Release the keys when you see the options on-screen including Factory Reset.
  3. You use the arrow keys to toggle up/down and select the option to Factory Reset (use the Skydio button to select).

Beacon Reset

The Beacon will reboot and is now in its factory state.  You'll want to pair it once again with your Skydio 2/2+ using the included USB-C cable.

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