Skydio Beacon unlocks a new level of robustness by acting as a range extender and providing accurate user positioning while also enabling lightweight controllability. Before you get started, check out these guidelines for charging and updating Beacon.

Charging your Beacon

The screen on your Beacon will indicate when the battery needs charged. To charge your Beacon, use the USB-C cable and power adapter that was included with your Skydio drone. Begin charging by inserting the cord into the USB-C charging port located at the bottom of Beacon. The screen will then update to indicate it is currently charging.


Needs charged


Currently charging

Once Beacon is fully charged, the screen will turn off. Beacon takes about 1 ½ hours to charge and has a battery life of approximately three hours.

Updating Beacon software

Beacon will automatically check for a software update each time it connects to your drone. The screen will notify you both when an update is available and as Beacon is in the process of updating.


Wait as Beacon applies the new software update. Once complete, it will automatically reconnect to your drone.

[caution] Do not power off the Beacon while an update is in progress. [/caution] 

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