Just as there are different Flight Skills available when flying with your mobile device or Skydio Controller, there are five AI skills for you to choose from when flying with Beacon:

  • Motion Track
  • Fixed Track
  • Orbit
  • Hover
  • Steering

After launching, Beacon always begins in the Motion Track skill. To change the current skill, tap the Stop button to command Skydio 2/2+ to halt movement and hover in place. While your drone is stationary, you may select the skill you want by pressing the left and right arrow buttons.

Pressing the Skydio Button activates the selected skill. While your drone is stopped, you may use the “+” and “-” buttons to change the altitude of the drone.

Motion Track Skill

Motion Track is the default skill after launch and allows Skydio to track and maintain a safe distance from the subject while avoiding obstacles. In this skill, you may use the Left and Right Arrows or Wand, described below, to change the angle Skydio 2/2+ films the subject from, such as from the front, side, or behind.

For Skydio 2/2+ to track a subject in a specified orientation, the subject must be moving for your drone to determine where to move. If you change the orientation of your drone and notice it not changing to the newly selected orientation, begin moving so Skydio can determine where to move.

beacon-waitingformovement.png beacon-leftquarterleadnoarrow.png

Orientation Options:

  • Lead
  • Right-Quarter Lead
  • Right Side
  • Right-Quarter Follow
  • Follow
  • Left-Quarter Follow
  • Left Side
  • Left-Quarter Lead

Fixed Track

When tracking a subject, the Fixed Track skill allows you to set Skydio 2/2+ in a fixed position in relation to the tracked subject. Enter the Fixed Track skill by pressing the Stop button, then use the arrows to scroll left and select Fixed Track with the Skydio Button.

Once in Fixed Track, you may re-enter Hover by pressing the Stop button.

The Fixed Track skill is ideal for maintaining a fixed recording angle.


When entering the skill, the dot will always start at the top of the ring.


The Orbit skill causes Skydio 2/2+ to rotate around in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, keeping you in the center of the frame. When orbiting with the Beacon you may change the speed & direction of the orbit using either the Left and Right buttons or using the Wand controls to drag & drop Skydio 2/2+ in the direction and speed you wish.



The Hover skill keeps Skydio 2/2+ stationary while maintaining sight of you. Enter the Hover skill by pressing the Stop button. Once in Hover, you may select Motion Track, Fixed Track, or Steering by using the arrows and pressing the Skydio button. While Hovering, use the “+” and “-” buttons to change the height.


The Steering skill allows you to control your drone manually and can help you navigate out of tight situations where Skydio 2/2+ may become stuck.

Enter the Steering skill by pressing the Stop button, then use the arrows to scroll right and select Steering with the Skydio Button. Once in Steering, you may re-enter Hover by pressing the Stop buttonWhile in Steering, you may:

  • use the arrows to turn left or right.
  • press and hold the Skydio button and move forward.
  • use the “+” and “-” buttons to change the height.


Wand Controls

The Wand feature provides simple one-handed “drag and drop” controls, allowing you to quickly and easily change the angle and height Skydio 2/2+ will follow from. This feature is only enabled in the Motion TrackFixed Track, Orbit, and Hover skills when a subject is being tracked.

  1. Point the Beacon at Skydio 2/2+.
  2. Press and hold the blue Skydio button.
  3. While holding the Skydio button, slowly point the Beacon in the direction you want the drone to move. You can move the drone left, right, up, and down.
  4. Release the Skydio button to set the drone in the new position.
  5. After moving the drone to a new position, it will lock in the new filming angle.

Instant Dronie

While using either the Motion Track or Fixed Track skills, you may double-tap the Skydio button to fire off a Dronie one-shot instantly. While the Dronie is in progress, tapping the Stop button will cancel the Dronie and have Skydio 2/2+ return to you. Pressing the Stop button while the vehicle is returning will place the Skydo 2/2+ in Hover at its current location.

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