The Aloft API integration allows you to sync new and historical flight data from Skydio Cloud to your Air Control account. You will need to configure your Skydio Cloud account so that your flight logs and telemetry will sync with the API integration. 

Quick Steps

Step 1 - Log into

Step 2 - Set up your Skydio Cloud account: Getting Started with Skydio Cloud

Step 3 - Enable Data Capture:

    • Sign in to Skydio Cloud
    • Select Settings
    • Scroll down to Data Capture
    • Toggle Data Capture ON

Step 4 - Attach the battery to your Skydio drone and power ON

Step 5 - Log into the Skydio Enterprise app or Enterprise Controller using your Skydio Cloud organization registered username and password. 

    • Ensure the mobile device and/or controller is connected to a wireless network

Step 6 - Sync your Skydio Cloud features

    • Select the INFO menu
    • Select your drone
    • Select Cloud Settings
    • Select Download features from Cloud to sync from Skydio Cloud to your controlling device.
    • Select Sync Settings to Drone to sync Skydio Cloud settings from your controlling device to your drone.

Step 7 - Post-flight, there are 2 ways to sync flight telemetry:

     1. Skydio Enterprise App / Enterprise Controller

    • Connect your device to the drone
    • Allow the flight telemetry to transfer from the drone to your device
    • This may take up to a few minutes based on the number and lengths of the flights

    2. Media Sync (Media Sync customers only) See How to Use Media Sync for instructions.

Step 8 - View flight telemetry in Skydio Cloud:

    • Select the Reports menu
    • Select Flights 
    • Locate the flight you want to view

View Flight visible - flight telemetry is available and will be listed under More Details 

View Flight not visible - no flight telemetry has been uploaded



[note]Flight telemetry must be uploaded to Skydio Cloud before it is available to view in Aloft.[/note] 

Step 9 - Generate a Skydio API token:

    • Select Settings
    • Select API Tokens
    • Select Generate New Token
    • Name your token (Aloft)
    • Select Add

Step 10 - Copy token  

Your API token is only available during the active login session or until the page is refreshed 


Step 11 - Log into the Aloft Air Control Web Dashboard


Step 12 - Select the Manage menu and the Connections tab

Step 13 - Select Add Connection and Skydio

    • Search for a Skydio operator by name
    • Add the email address used in Skydio Cloud


Step 14 (optional) - Select the box to limit the imports to after a certain date, if historical flight data has already been imported, or if the drone was recently assigned to a new user and you only want to import flights moving forward. 

    • Once the connection is enabled, all historical flights synced to Skydio Cloud will appear in the Air Control platform.


Unable to log in to Skydio Cloud

Go to

    • enter your email address
    • enter the verification code sent to your email address

[info text="Ensure that you are logging in to your mobile device with the same email address that has been provisioned on Skydio Cloud."] 

Have you set up your Skydio Cloud?

You will need to configure your Skydio Cloud account before you can upload flight telemetry. See Getting Started with Skydio Cloud. Any media captured prior to configuring your Skydio Cloud will not sync. 

    • Ensure that the flight telemetry that you are trying to upload was captured after the configuration steps were completed. Footage from before this point will not upload to the cloud.

Is your device/controller connected to the Internet?

Ensure that you are connected to the Internet or cellular data.

Is the vehicle claimed in Skydio Cloud?

Vehicles are not automatically associated with an organization, you will need to claim the vehicles that you want in your fleet:

Step 1 - Select Settings

Step 2 - Select Devices

Step 3 - Select Claim Device

Step 4 - Enter vehicle WiFi (eg Skydio2-xxxx)

    • The vehicle tab displays a list of associated vehicle IDs 
    • You cannot claim a vehicle that is associated with another organization. You cannot delete a vehicle. If you receive this error message or need to delete a vehicle, contact Skydio Customer Support.

Flight recording is not displayed

Uploading the flight recording will not occur unless you have purchased Media Sync, selected the type of media you want to upload and connect your drone to power. Visit Skydio Cloud Media Sync for more information. 

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