Sync your 3D Scan media from Skydio Cloud to your gNext Labs dashboard. gNext offers API integration with Skydio Cloud for seamless post-production modeling of your 3D Scan images. You will need to configure your Skydio Cloud and Media Sync API integration. 


  • Skydio Administrative access
  • gNext Administrative access
  • Computer with Internet

Quick Steps

  1. Generate and copy an API token in Skydio Cloud
  2. Perform a Media Sync
  3. Paste the Skydio Cloud APT token into a gNext Labs project
  4. Sync scans


To Integrate Skydio Cloud with gNext Labs:

Step 1 - Log in to

Step 2 - Set up your Skydio Cloud account: Visit Getting Started with Skydio Cloud for detailed instructions.

  • Add Wireless Networks
  • Choose media to upload
  • Sync your Skydio Cloud features

Step 3 - Plug in the drone to power

Step 4 - Generate Skydio API token

gNext Cloud copy token.png

Step 5 - Using your admin credentials login to gNext Labs

Step 6 - Select Projects and New Project

  • Name your project
  • Select your asset type
  • Select Next
gNext new project.pnggNext my project.png
Step 7 - Select Skydio Sync gNext sync.png

Step 8 - Paste your Skydio Cloud API token

  • Select Sync Scans
  • Select the scan to sync 
  • Select Confirm
  • You will be returned to the Upload Dataset screen - select Next
  • Select Sync or Sync and Process
gNext API token.png
gNext Last step.png

[note]After your Skydio API token is validated, you can choose the Skydio 3D Scans to sync to your project when you add a new asset to a project.[/note]

gNext scans.png

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