[accordion heading="What is Skydio Extend?"]

Skydio Extend is a new software product and related professional services solution designed to integrate data and automate workflows between Skydio Cloud and non-Skydio applications.

Skydio Extend includes:

  • Integrations 
    An app-store like catalog of integrations to connect with a growing number of enterprise and cloud services
  • Workflows 
    Customizable two-way data movement and process automation between Skydio Cloud and your systems
  • DevTools 
    A robust set of APIs, webhooks and docs to help you create bespoke integrations with Skydio
  • Services 
    Skydio professional services to help you create new integrations or modify existing ones as your needs evolve


[accordion heading="How does Skydio Extend work?"]

Within Skydio Cloud, there will be a marketplace of all available integrations built by Skydio and our partners. Once an integration is built, it will be available in the marketplace for you to request. Skydio will then reach out and begin the development process. Once an integration is active, follow these instructions to complete the implementation process:

To request a new integration, navigate to Integrations → and select the Request New Integration button.


[accordion heading="What integrations are available with Skydio Extend?"]

We are launching Skydio Extend with the following initial integrations:

AWS S3 Automatically sync media from flights to S3
ESRI Site Scan for ArcGIS Automatically sync media from scans to the correct SiteScan project
DroneDeploy Automatically sync media from flights to DroneDeploy

Automatically send Slack notifications for Skydio alerts


[accordion heading="What is the difference between an integration and a workflow?"]

An integration is a connection between Skydio Cloud and another cloud application.

A workflow describes what that integration can do.


[accordion heading="How much does Skydio Extend cost?"]

Please reach out to Skydio Sales for information about Skydio Extend pricing.


[accordion heading="How do I get access to Skydio Extend?"]

Sign in to your Skydio Cloud account and select the Integrations menu:

  • For existing integration, request using Integrations → Request Integration
  • For a new integration, request using Integrations → Request New Integration

DroneDeploy request integration.png


[accordion heading="Which Extend integrations require purchase?"]

Skydio-built Extend Integrations. Customers must purchase Skydio Extend and the desired workflow(s) to use Skydio-built Extend Integrations. Partner-built integrations require the use of the partner application, and partners may charge for partner-built integrations. 

Skydio-built workflows (require purchase from Skydio)

  • ESRI Site Scan for ArcGIS
  • Amazon AWS 3S
  • DroneDeploy (Skydio Extend integration)
  • Slack

Partner-built integrations (no purchase required from Skydio, may require purchase from Partner)

API Tools (no purchase required)


[accordion heading="Which Extend integrations are customizable?"]

Skydio-built Extend Integrations allow custom workflows. 


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