Indoor Capture is a scan mode designed for capturing interior spaces such as construction sites, factories, or warehouses. 


Strict Geofences and Modify Scan Volume

By default, all boundaries are set to a Strict Geofence. This means that the drone will not fly outside of the Floor, Ceiling, or Wall boundaries.

By default, Modify Scan Volume is enabled for all bounds. Indoor Capture extends the Inside Scan Volume by 16 ft (5 m) to incorporate spaces where the drone cannot physically fly, which is referred to as the Outside Volume.

There may be cases where you want to capture features that are outside of the initial scan volume, requiring an “outside in” view. In this case, select Edit Volume during the Modify Scan Volume step and enable Scan Outside Pillars. From here, edit the state of any relevant Strict Geofences.

  • When a Strict Geofence is OFF, this means Skydio will move freely inside and outside of the scan volume
  • If you leave a Strict Geofence ON, Skydio will skip image capture points that are located outside of that boundary, but face outward to capture features located outside of the scan volume

[warning] Ensure your indoor environment is safe (i.e. spacious and brightly lit), before turning off a Strict Geofence. [/warning]


You are trying to capture all interior contents of a room, as well as the surfaces of the walls. 

The room you are scanning has thin wires on the ceiling for lightning. When scanning an environment like this, it’s important to take extra care to ensure the drone can safely navigate the space. 

Aside from the wires, the room is well lit and clear of other obstacles and safety concerns.

  • Set the Ceiling as high as possible while still staying below the wires
  • Leave the Strict Ceiling ON to ensure that the drone stays within the boundaries of the scan volume

In this scenario, it may be possible to disable the Strict Geofence for the Floor and Walls, allowing the drone to fly freely throughout the interior of the room and the scan volume.

  • With a Strict Ceiling ON and all other Strict Geofence bounds OFF, this means that after the drone exits the scan volume, it will rotate to face the volume and in turn capture the “outside in” views

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