Performing a Map Capture is compatible with GPS Night Flight when flying in low-light conditions. When in this mode, Skydio X2 will disable obstacle avoidance and use GPS sensors, instead of its vision system, to navigate.

[note] Map Capture was formerly named 2D GPS Capture. [/note]

Map Capture with GPS Night Flight is particularly useful in accident scene reconstruction and public safety use cases.

[note] Performing a Map Capture at night is only available with Skydio X2. Additionally, only Map Capture is compatible with Night Flight. Other scan modes will be disabled. [/note] 

If it becomes dark while you are scanning and GPS Night Flight is enabled, you will be able to seamlessly continue your Map Capture. If Night Flight is not enabled and it becomes dark while scanning, Skydio X2 will display an alert message. Simply enable GPS Night Flight to continue scanning.

[note] If you are scanning using a mode other than Map Capture and it becomes dark, Skydio will prompt you to land and save your scan. [/note] 

Tips and best practices

  • While Skydio X2 can fly in the dark, ensure the area you are scanning is in a well-lit environment. Skydio X2 does not provide illumination to the scene
  • Obstacle Avoidance is disabled in GPS Night Flight
    • Take extra caution when flying in this mode and do not stand near the drone
  • Turn off HDR (Camera/Video settings)
  • Enable Stop for Photo

How to scan at night

Step 1 - Enable Night Flight

Navigate to Device settings and select the GPS Night Flight toggle under the Drone tab



Step 2 - Calibrate

Depending on your calibration settings, you will either have to calibrate after your first time enabling GPS Night Flight mode, or before each flight.

Read How to use Skydio X2E GPS Night Flight for more information on calibration settings 

Multi-Point Rotation Calibration


Hand Wave Motion Calibration



Step 3 - Select Begin Flight



Step 4 - Select Map Capture as your scan mode

After launching, Skydio will rotate 360° then you may proceed to setup your scan as usual. 


[note] When reviewing your scan settings, we recommend enabling Stop for Photo when scanning at night [/note]

After the scan completes, Skydio will laterally return to the Launch Point at the scan height. Unless you receive a Low Battery warning, Skydio will not automatically land.

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