With Take Best Photo, Skydio will intuitively adjust the Distance to Surface and image capture locations if it runs into obstructions at any point during the scan, allowing you to capture images in tight spaces. As the Distance to Surface is adjusted, the GSD will automatically update.

This setting is on by default for all scan modes. 


CS_3DS_ill_Take_Best_Photo.png               Take Best Photo: OFF                                                              Take Best Photo: ON

If Take Best Photo is toggled off, Skydio will skip capture points located outside of the yellow geofence (left photo). Enabling Take Best Photo allows Skydio to capture all surfaces of the structure you are scanning while safely avoiding collisions.

For example, imagine you are scanning a structure located next to a building:

  • You have set your Distance to Surface to 50 feet.
  • The building is 40 feet away from the structure you are scanning.
  • With Take Best Photo enabled, Skydio will automatically adjust the Distance to Surface to a value less than 40 feet to ensure it captures images on the side of the structure closest to the building.
  • Overlap and Sidelap will adjust for those photos captured.
  • Use the AR Coverage Mesh during the Manual Capture step to ensure you have proper coverage across all surfaces.

[note] Safe Distance will always be respected regardless of your other settings. [/note]

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