Optimize X,Y significantly improves efficiency of capturing images. Fewer images will be captured while maintaining full coverage, including unnecessary photos of the horizon and sky.

Find this setting within the Scan Passes setting menu. You may view the areas that will be skipped by previewing the planned flight paths in the Review Settings step.


Enabling this setting allows you to maintain full coverage while skipping redundant imagery that was captured in earlier scan passes during the X and Y passes. For example, if a certain capture point is covered during the Z pass, Skydio will intelligently skip this photo during the X and Y passes.

The bottom image shows “gaps” in the Y and X slices. These represent photos that were already captured during the Z scan pass, meaning Skydio will skip those points and only capture areas that have not yet been photographed.

CS_3DS_media_ill_optimize-xy2.pngOptimize X,Y: OFF

CS_3DS_media_ill_optimize-xy1.pngOptimize X,Y: ON

Avoiding duplicate photos decreases the total scan time and total number of photos captured while maintaining full coverage.

[note] X and/or Y scan passes must be enabled, along with Optimize X, Y to activate this setting. [/note] 

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